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SubjectRe: [PATCH -V4 00/11] New ACL format for better NFSv4 acl interoperability
On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 06:18:03PM +0530, Aneesh Kumar K.V wrote:
> Hi,
> The following set of patches implements VFS changes needed to implement
> a new acl model for linux. Rich ACLs are an implementation of NFSv4 ACLs,
> extended by file masks to fit into the standard POSIX file permission model.
> They are designed to work seamlessly locally as well as across the NFSv4 and
> CIFS/SMB2 network file system protocols.
> The patch set consists of four parts:
> The first set of patches, posted as a follow up, contains VFS changes needed
> to implement the Rich ACL model. The second set [1] contains the Rich ACL model
> and Ext4 implementation. The third set [2] contains mapping of Rich ACL to
> NFSv4 ACL (how to apply file mask to access mask) and implementation of
> Richacl ACL for NFS server and client.

That's the part I'd like to review carefully and haven't yet.

> The fourth set [3] contains POSIX ACL
> to Rich ACL mapping and its ext4 usage.

The one thing I remember not liking before was a flag that told the user
whether a given ACL was originally mapped from POSIX or not. Is that
still there?

Overall I'm for doing this: I don't like NFSv4/Windows ACLs more than
anyone else, but they're too useful to ignore, and the mapping that
Samba and the NFSv4 server try to do is painful for users.


> [1] git:// richacl-minimal
> [2] git:// richacl-upstream
> [3] git:// richacl-fullset
> A user-space utility for displaying and changing richacls is available at [4]
> (a number of examples can be found at
> [4] git:// master
> To test richacl on ext4 use -o richacl mount option. This mount option may later be
> dropped in favour of a feature flag.
> More details regarding richacl can be found at
> Changes from V3:
> a) Droped may_delete and may_create inode operations callback and reworked
> the patch series to use additional check flags.
> b) Rebased to the latest kernel
> c) The patch series now contain only the minimal VFS changes.
> Changes from V2:
> 1) Git repo include check-acl branch that drop newly added inode_operations
> callback in favour for additional access check flags (MAY_CREATE_FILE,
> 2) richacl is now cached in the vfs inode instead of file system inode.
> (currently kept as a separate patch. We may want to fold that later)
> 3) Added a new acl flag ACL4_MASKED. richacl_apply_masks() can skip transforming acls
> without this flag, which speeds things up and avoids modifying those acls unnecessarily.
> 4) Owner always allowed permissions are now explicitly included when synthesizing an acl
> from file mode.
> Changes from V1:
> 1) Split the patches into smaller patches
> 2) Added extensive documentation to the patches.
> -aneesh

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