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Subject[Patch] AMD64_EDAC: simple fix to allow better report on ECE CE errors
I tested 2.6.31 and the mainline amd64_edac driver. This is was the
first simple fix.

This allows the errors to be further decoded and mapped to csrows.
Tested with ECC debug dimms and an Rev F cpu based system.

Submitted-by: Keith Mannthey<>

diff -urN linux-2.6.31/drivers/edac/amd64_edac.c linux-2.6.31-fixed/drivers/edac/amd64_edac.c
--- linux-2.6.31/drivers/edac/amd64_edac.c 2009-09-09 15:13:59.000000000 -0700
+++ linux-2.6.31-fixed/drivers/edac/amd64_edac.c 2009-09-17 22:32:09.000000000 -0700
@@ -1136,7 +1138,7 @@
* different from the node that detected the error.
src_mci = find_mc_by_sys_addr(mci, SystemAddress);
- if (src_mci) {
+ if (!src_mci) {
amd64_mc_printk(mci, KERN_ERR,
"failed to map error address 0x%lx to a node\n",
(unsigned long)SystemAddress);

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