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    Subject[v4 PATCH 0/5]: cpuidle/POWER (REDISIGN): Introducing cpuidle to POWER.

    ******** This is an RFC, not for inclusion **********

    This patchset introduces cpuidle infrastructure to POWER, prototyping
    for pseries and currently in the process of porting to x86 and hence
    will *not* build on x86/other POWER platforms.

    This is to get initial comments on the redesign of my earlier implementation
    which can be found at

    Major changes from last iteration:

    * Cleanup drivers/cpuidle/cpuidle.c
    Currently, the cpuidle implementation has weakness in the
    framework where an exported pm_idle function pointer is
    manipulated by various subsystem. The proposed framework has
    a registration architecture to cleanly add and remove new idle
    routines from different subsystems.

    * Introduce [un]register_idle_function() routines
    Implement a LIFO based approach for registering architecture
    dependent idle routines.

    * Sample implementation of register_idle_function for pSeries


    * Extend this prototype to cover x86 and other archs that use cpuidle.
    Currently, in x86, the cpu_idle() idle loop doesn't have a
    default idle loop to fall back to if pm_idle is NULL, unlike
    the corresponding implementation in pseries, where
    ppc_md.power_save can be NULL and there is a fallback.
    So we need to create a similar fork in cpu_idle() idle loop of

    Patches included in this series:

    1/5 - Cleanup drivers/cpuidle/cpuidle.c
    2/5 - Implement routines to register and unregister idle function.
    3/5 - Incorporate registering of idle loop for pSeries.
    4/5 - Add Kconfig entry to enable cpuidle for POWER.
    5/5 - Implement pSeries processor idle module.

    Any comments on the design is welcome.


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