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    Subject[RFC patch 0/3] Support for irq chips on slow busses (i2c, spi)
    The support for irq chips on slow busses eg. i2c, spi has been
    discussed to great length several times. Most of the details can be
    found in this thread:

    The following patch series is a round up of the various patch snippets
    sent out during the discussion and the ideas we agreed on.

    There are some subtle differences to the initial test patches:

    1) Instead of using a separate flow handler we allow to request the
    one shot feature with a flag on request_irq and integrate the oneshot
    feature into the existing level/edge handlers.

    2) Instead of conditional locking which makes the patch smaller but
    hides the already known fact that a device sits behind a slow irq chip
    I implemented a set of separate management functions (see patch
    2/3). The initial idea with the conditional locking can be found here:

    3) patch 3/3 implements a helper function which allows the
    demultiplexing thread to call the demux handlers in its own thread
    context with out creating a separate thread for each subdevice
    interrupt. The device driver needs to request the interrupt via
    request_nested_slowbus_irq() to prevent the creation of the extra

    Please have a thorough look and hopefully a test ride on your
    favourite slowbus irq chip implementation so we can get this into .32



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