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SubjectRe: New MMC maintainer needed
On Wed, 22 Jul 2009 15:17:44 -0700
Andrew Morton <> wrote:

> Thanks, Pierre.
> Until and unless someone else steps up I can act as maintainer of last
> resort for MMC. As I'm presently doing for fbdev, hwmon, rtc, spi,
> gpio, i2o and about 1000 other identifiable subsystems.

I'm not falling of the face of the earth here, so people can still cc
me on MMC patches, although I probably cannot answer all of them. I
don't want to be the bottle neck that keeps MMC patches and discussions
moving at a glacial speed, which is the situation we're in today.

> Fortunately, MMC doesn't appear to have its own mailing list so I'll
> actually get to see the patches. I do monitor a couple of
> subsystem-specific lists (fbdev, hwmon) but the delays can be awful - a
> month or two.

MMC discussions tend to often be very system specific, which makes
lists such as the arm kernel list more appropriate. Also, I've always
tried to steer people to LKML as it allows others to keep a casual eye
on things.

-- Pierre Ossman

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