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    Subjectdeterministic scsi order with async scan
    is there any way to get deterministic device ordering with scsi async 

    currently (2.6.30) it seems that the various scsi busses are loaded in the
    order that they are detected, which can vary from boot to boot depending
    on how long it takes for the card to initialize.

    would it be possible to detect the cards/drives, but not register them
    until all the detection is complete so that they can be registered in a
    deterministic order?

    having two drives on two different controllers swap positions from boot to
    boot makes it very painful. yes I can make an initrd that fixes this up in
    user space by examining each drive and creating links to re-order them,
    but this is a lot of work to fix randomization that can be prevented in
    the first place.

    David Lang

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