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    SubjectLinux 2.6.31-rc3

    Another week, another -rc.

    As I mentioned last time, I really wish things would calm down. And to
    _some_ degree they have. In other areas? Not so much.

    That said, the single biggest patch here is actually a revert - a removal
    of the Langwell USB OTG driver that wasn't ready and needed infrastructure
    that isn't going to happen in 2.6.31.

    But other than that, there's a fair chunk of changes to the 'perf' utility
    (which obviously isn't going to cause kernel regressions), but also to
    things like cifs, video drivers (both of the DVB kind and and for DRM with
    more i915 KMS updates).

    There are also the usual arch updates (although perhaps unusually, it's
    actually more removal than additions - mostly thanks to microblaze taking
    advantage of the generic includes, I suspect).

    That said, apart from a few things like that, that are move visible thanks
    to their bulk, _most_ of the changes really are small stuff. A lot of
    one-liners etc. The shortlog (appended) gives a reasonable view.


    Abhishek Kulkarni (1):
    net/9p: Fix crash due to bad mount parameters.

    Adrian Hunter (4):
    UBIFS: fix integer overflow warning
    UBIFS: fix 64-bit divisions in debug print
    UBIFS: minor spelling and grammar fixes
    UBI: add image sequence number to EC header

    Ajay Kumar Gupta (1):
    USB: otg: fix module reinsert issue

    Akinobu Mita (1):
    x86: fix usage of bios intcall()

    Alan Cox (7):
    PCI: More PATA quirks for not entering D3
    pty: Rework the pty layer to use the normal buffering logic
    tty: maintainers data was edited wrongly by someone
    tty: Sort out the USB sysrq changes that wrecked performance
    tty: Fix USB kref leak
    tty: Fix the PL2303 private methods for sysrq
    Staging: vt6655: compile fix

    Alan Stern (9):
    USB: EHCI: update toggle state for linked QHs
    USB: fix the clear_tt_buffer interface
    USB: EHCI: use the new clear_tt_buffer interface
    USB: EHCI: check for STALL before other errors
    USB: Sierra: fix oops upon device close
    USB: cypress_m8: remove invalid Clear-Halt
    USB: option: remove unnecessary and erroneous code
    USB: EHCI: report actual_length for iso transfers
    USB: handle zero-length usbfs submissions correctly

    Alexander Beregalov (3):
    wm97xx_batery: replace driver_data with dev_get_drvdata()
    Staging: comedi: jr3_pci.c: add required includes
    Staging: stlc45xx: convert config_interface to bss_info_changed, fixing a build error

    Alexander Duyck (2):
    if_ether: add define for 1588 aka Timesync
    igb: set lan id prior to configuring phy

    Alexey Dobriyan (2):
    headers: mnt_namespace.h redux
    headers: smp_lock.h redux

    Alexey Zaytsev (1):
    PCI: make pci_name() take const argument

    Alistair John Strachan (1):
    hwmon: (abituguru3) DMI probing for AB9, AB9 QuadQT and IX38 QuadGT

    Amerigo Wang (2):
    Doc: update Documentation/exception.txt
    Doc: move Documentation/exception.txt into x86 subdir

    Amit Kucheria (1):
    USB: Serial: Add support for Arkham Technology adapters

    Andiry Brienza (1):
    ALSA: hda - Disable AMD SB600 64bit address support only

    Andrey Yurovsky (1):
    mac80211: fix allocation in mesh_queue_preq

    Andy Walls (5):
    V4L/DVB (12167): tuner-xc2028: Fix 7 MHz DVB-T
    V4L/DVB (12180): cx18: Update Yuan MPC-718 card entry with better information and guesses
    V4L/DVB (12181): get_dvb_firmware: Add Yuan MPC718 MT352 DVB-T "firmware" extraction
    V4L/DVB (12182): cx18: Add DVB-T support for Yuan MPC-718 cards with an MT352 or ZL10353
    V4L/DVB (12206): get_dvb_firmware: Correct errors in MPC718 firmware extraction logic

    Andy Whitcroft (1):
    drm/i915: fix up a raw 64bit divide

    Aneesh Kumar K.V (5):
    ext4: Calculate required journal credits for inserting an extent properly
    ext4: Don't look at buffer_heads outside i_size.
    ext4: Fix mmap/truncate race when blocksize < pagesize && delayed allocation
    ext4: Fix mmap/truncate race when blocksize < pagesize && !nodellaoc
    ext4: Move __ext4_journalled_writepage() to avoid forward declaration

    Anssi Hannula (1):
    USB: option.c: add A-Link 3GU device id

    Anton Blanchard (7):
    perf report: Fix -z option
    perf_counter tools: Remove zlib dependency
    perf top: Move skip symbols to an array
    perf top: Add ppc64 specific skip symbols and strip ppc64 . prefix
    perf report: Fix reporting of hypervisor
    perf report: Add hypervisor dso
    powerpc/perf_counter: Enable alternate PR/HV bits for POWER7

    Anton Vorontsov (2):
    powerpc: Don't use alloc_bootmem() in init_IRQ() path
    netpoll: Fix carrier detection for drivers that are using phylib

    Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (3):
    perf_counter tools: Share rbtree.with the kernel
    perf_counter tools: Share list.h with the kernel
    perf_counter tools: Adjust symbols in ET_EXEC files too

    Arnd Bergmann (5):
    microblaze: fall back on generic header files for the ABI
    microblaze: clean up signal handling
    microblaze: use generic syscalls.h
    signals: declare sys_rt_tgsigqueueinfo in syscalls.h
    USB: buildfix ppc randconfig

    Arseniy Lartsev (1):
    USB: cdc-acm: work around some broken devices

    Artem Bityutskiy (16):
    UBIFS: improve debugging messaged
    UBIFS: slightly optimize write-buffer timer usage
    UBIFS: set write-buffer timout to 3-5 seconds
    UBIFS: few spelling fixes
    UBIFS: fix assertion warning
    MAINTAINERS: update ahunter's e-mail address
    UBI: add empty eraseblocks verification
    UBI: remove bogus debugging checks
    UBI: nicify image sequence number handling
    UBI: fix NOR flash recovery
    UBI: fix compilation warnings
    UBIFS: dump a little more in case of corruptions
    UBIFS: small amendments in the LEB scanning code
    UBIFS: clean up free space checking
    UBIFS: fix corruption dump
    AFS: Fix compilation warning

    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (2):
    isofs: fix Joliet regression
    Staging: rtl8192su: convert to net_device_ops

    Ben Gamari (3):
    drm/i915: Remove gtt_bound from drm_i915_gem_object
    drm/i915: Add gtt_offset to gem object list debugfs output
    drm/i915: Move lock to more reasonable location

    Benjamin Herrenschmidt (1):
    devres: WARN() and return, don't crash on device_del() of uninitialized device

    Bill Pemberton (2):
    Staging: serqt_usb2: fix qt_close parameters in serqt_usb2
    Staging: serqt_usb2: declare qt_open static in serqt_usb2

    Boaz Harrosh (5):
    exofs: Fix bio leak in error handling path (sync read)
    exofs: Remove IBM copyrights
    exofs: Avoid using file_fsync()
    MAINTAINERS: Add osd maintained files (F:)
    osdblk: Adjust queue limits to lower device's limits

    Brad Lu (1):
    USB: option.c to support Qisda H21/H20 usb modem

    Brian Haley (1):
    IPv6: preferred lifetime of address not getting updated

    Bruce Allan (6):
    e1000e: PHY loopback broken on 82578
    e1000e: delay after LCD reset and proper checks for PHY configuration done
    e1000e: do not write SmartSpeed register bits on parts without support
    e1000e: prevent NVM corruption on sectors larger than 4K
    e1000e: delay second read of PHY_STATUS register on failure of first read
    e1000e: disable K1 at 1000Mbps for 82577/82578

    Catalin Marinas (11):
    kmemleak: Renice the scanning thread to +10
    kmemleak: Add more cond_resched() calls in the scanning thread
    kmemleak: Remove the reported leaks number limitation
    kmemleak: Do not acquire scan_mutex in kmemleak_open()
    kmemleak: Scan objects allocated during a scanning episode
    kmemleak: Trace the kmalloc_large* functions in slub
    kmemleak: Allow partial freeing of memory blocks
    kmemleak: Add callbacks to the bootmem allocator
    Free the memory allocated by memdup_user() in fs/sysfs/bin.c
    Free struct device in fw_dev_release()
    kmemleak: Remove alloc_bootmem annotations introduced in the past

    Chris Wilson (1):
    drm/i915: Refactor calls to unmap_mapping_range

    Christian Borntraeger (1):
    [S390] improve suspend/resume error messages

    Clyde McPherson (2):
    b43: Add support for 4318E
    ssb: Add support for 4318E

    Curt Wohlgemuth (1):
    ext4: Fix buffer head reference leak in no-journal mode

    Dan Aloni (2):
    Staging: prevent rtl8187se from crashing dev_ioctl() in SIOCGIWNAME
    Staging: prevent rtl8192su from crashing dev_ioctl in SIOCGIWNAME

    Dan Williams (1):
    USB: option: add Novatel Ovation MC760

    Daniel Mack (2):
    UBIFS: allow more than one volume to be mounted
    USB: fix LANGID=0 regression

    Darren Salt (1):
    ALSA: hda - Missing volume controls for Intel HDA (ALC269/EeePC)

    Dave Jones (2):
    [CPUFREQ] Fix compile failure in cpufreq.c
    Fix compile error in bmac.c

    Dave Kleikamp (1):
    update JFS entry in MAINTAINERS

    David Brownell (5):
    Input: dm355evm_keys - fix kconfig symbol names
    USB: musb: davinci dm355 updates (remainder)
    USB: gadget: pxa25x compiler warning fix
    USB: musb: silence "suspend as a_wait_vrise is_active" msgs
    USB: RNDIS gadget, fix issues talking from PXA

    David Heidelberger (1):
    ALSA: hda - targa and targa-2ch fix

    David S. Miller (2):
    Revert "ide: improve handling of Power Management requests"
    Revert "p54: Use SKB list handling helpers instead of by-hand code."

    David Woodhouse (8):
    intel-iommu: Fix dma vs. mm page confusion with aligned_nrpages()
    intel-iommu: Don't set identity mapping for bypassed graphics devices
    intel-iommu: Fix reattaching of devices to identity mapping domain
    intel-iommu: Add iommu_should_identity_map() function
    intel-iommu: Restore DMAR_BROKEN_GFX_WA option for broken graphics drivers
    intel-iommu: No mapping for non-PCI devices
    intel-iommu: Use iommu_should_identity_map() at startup time too.
    intel-iommu: Don't use identity mapping for PCI devices behind bridges

    Devin Heitmueller (1):
    V4L/DVB (12156): em28xx: Fix tuning for Terratec Cinergy T XS USB (zl10353 version)

    Dhananjay Phadke (2):
    netxen: fix the version code macro
    netxen: avoid frequent firmware reset

    Dmitry Torokhov (1):
    Input: arrange keyboards alphabetically

    Don Skidmore (3):
    ixgbe: fix issues with failing to detect insert of unsupported module
    ixgbe: fix regression on some 82598 adapters
    ixgbe: fix inconsistent SFP/SFP+ failure results.

    Eilon Greenstein (2):
    bnx2x: Disable HC coalescing when setting timeout to zero.
    bnx2x: Fix the maximal values of coalescing timeouts.

    Elina Pasheva (1):
    USB: serial: sierra driver id_table additions

    Eric Anholt (3):
    drm/i915: Disable GEM when a broken video BIOS takes up the whole aperture.
    drm/i915: Fix harmless warning from patch merged after i2c rework.
    drm/i915: Zap the GTT mapping when transitioning from untiled to tiled.

    Eric Dumazet (6):
    x86: atomic64: The atomic64_t data type should be 8 bytes aligned on 32-bit too
    x86: atomic64: Improve atomic64_read()
    x86: atomic64: Improve cmpxchg8b()
    x86: atomic64: Improve atomic64_read()
    x86: atomic64: Inline atomic64_read() again
    forcedeth: Fix NAPI race.

    Eric Miao (1):
    Input: add support for generic GPIO-based matrix keypad

    Eric Sandeen (2):
    ext4: mark several more functions in mballoc.c as noinline
    ext4: naturally align struct ext4_allocation_request

    FUJITA Tomonori (2):
    block: call blk_scsi_ioctl_init()
    block: fix sg SG_DXFER_TO_FROM_DEV regression

    Fernando Luis Vázquez Cao (1):
    PCI: remove pci_dac_dma_... APIs on mn10300

    Florian Fainelli (3):
    vlynq: fix typo in Kconfig to enable debugging
    r6040: restore MIER register correctly when IRQ line is shared
    r6040: bump driver version to 0.24 and date to 08 July 2009

    Folkert van Heusden (1):
    USB: serial: FTDI with product code FB80 and vendor id 0403

    Frank Munzert (1):
    [S390] shutdown actions: save/return rc from init function

    Frans Pop (1):
    USB: add missing class descriptions used in usb/devices file

    Frederic Weisbecker (16):
    perf_counter tools: Fix storage size allocation of callchain list
    perf_counter tools: Resolve symbols in callchains
    perf_counter tools: Various fixes for callchains
    perf_counter: Ignore the nmi call frames in the x86-64 backtraces
    perf stat: Handle pipe read failures in perf stat
    perf_counter tools: Create new chain_for_each_child() iterator
    perf_counter tools: Add new OPT_CALLBACK_DEFAULT option
    perf report: Add support for callchain graph output
    perf_counter tools: Set the minimum percent for callchains to be displayed
    perf_counter tools: Provide helper to print percents color
    perf_counter tools: Display percents of hits in callchain with overhead colors
    perf report: Warn on callchain output request from non-callchain file
    perf report: Use a modifiable string for default callchain options
    perf report: Change default callchain parameters
    perf_counter tools: callchains: Manage the cumul hits on the fly
    perf report: Add "Fractal" mode output - support callchains with relative overhead rate

    Gianpaolo Cugola (1):
    USB: pl2303: New vendor and product id for the prolific driver

    Grant Likely (3):
    ASoC: Fix mpc5200-psc-ac97 to ensure the data ready bit is cleared
    ASoC: add locking to mpc5200-psc-ac97 driver
    powerpc: Fix spin_event_timeout() to be robust over context switches

    Greg Kroah-Hartman (7):
    Sound: remove direct access of driver_data
    omap: video: remove direct access of driver_data
    Staging: meilhaus: add email address to TODO
    Revert "USB: Add Intel Langwell USB OTG Transceiver Drive"
    USB: gadget: audio: provide correct device id
    USB: ti_usb_3410_5052: fix duplicate device ids.
    Revert USB: usbfs: deprecate and hide option for !embedded

    Greg Ungerer (2):
    fec: remove extra ";" from definition names
    fec: fix definition of 5272 version of FEC_X_DES_ACTIVE register

    Guennadi Liakhovetski (1):
    V4L/DVB (12160): soc-camera: fix missing clean up on error path

    Hans Verkuil (1):
    V4L/DVB (12153): ttpci: config TTPCI_EEPROM depends on I2C

    Heiko Carstens (7):
    [S390] sclp: fix compile error for !SCLP_CONSOLE
    [S390] monreader: fix dev_set_drvdata conversion
    [S390] udelay: disable lockdep to avoid false positives
    [S390] perf_counter build fix
    [S390] add __ucmpdi2() helper function
    [S390] add generic atomic64 support for 31 bit
    partitions: fix broken uevent_suppress conversion

    Herbert Xu (1):
    tun: Fix device unregister race

    Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski (2):
    ALSA: hda - move 8086:fb30 quirk (stac9205) to the proper section
    Staging: comedi: s626: use subvendor:subdevice ids for SAA7146 board

    Hidetoshi Seto (4):
    PCI MSI: Return if alloc_msi_entry for MSI-X failed
    PCI MSI: shorten PCI_MSIX_ENTRY_* symbol names
    PCI MSI: Unmask MSI if setup failed
    PCI MSI: Fix restoration of MSI/MSI-X mask states in suspend/resume

    Hin-Tak Leung (1):
    zd1211rw: adding SONY IFU-WLM2 (054c:0257) as a zd1211b device

    Huang Weiyi (2):
    powerpc/perf_counter: Remove duplicated #include
    mn10300: remove duplicated #include

    Hui Zhu (1):
    elf: fix multithreaded program core dumping on arm

    InKi Dae (1):
    drivers/video/s3c-fb.c: fix clock setting for Samsung SoC Framebuffer

    Ingo Molnar (15):
    dma-debug: Put all hash-chain locks into the same lock class
    ia64/PCI: adjust section annotation for pcibios_setup()
    perf report: Fix HV bit mismerge
    perf_counter tools: Add more warnings and fix/annotate them
    x86: Fix printk call in print_local_apic()
    perf report: Annotate variable initialization
    x86: atomic64: Move the 32-bit atomic64_t implementation to a .c file
    x86: atomic64: Improve atomic64_add_return()
    x86: atomic64: Reduce size of functions
    x86: atomic64: Make atomic_read() type-safe
    x86: atomic64: Fix unclean type use in atomic64_xchg()
    x86: atomic64: Export APIs to modules
    x86: atomic64: Improve atomic64_xchg()
    x86: atomic64: Clean up atomic64_sub_and_test() and atomic64_add_negative()
    dma-debug: Fix the overlap() function to be correct and readable

    Jan Beulich (1):
    x86: Fix fixmap ordering

    Jan Capek (1):
    USB: ftdi_sio - product ID's for CCS PIC programmers

    Jan Kara (2):
    jbd2: Fix a race between checkpointing code and journal_get_write_access()
    ext4: Fix truncation of symlinks after failed write

    Jani Nikula (2):
    Input: gpio-keys - revert 'change timer to workqueue'
    Input: gpio-keys - avoid possibility of sleeping in timer function

    Jarek Poplawski (1):
    ipv4: Fix fib_trie rebalancing, part 4 (root thresholds)

    Jason Wessel (1):
    USB: console: Fix regression in usb console on kernel boot

    Jaswinder Singh Rajput (8):
    perf stat: Define MATCH_EVENT for easy attr checking
    x86: Remove double declaration of MSR_P6_EVNTSEL0 and MSR_P6_EVNTSEL1
    perf list: Add cache events
    x86: Mark device_nb as static and fix NULL noise
    x86: Declare check_efer() before it gets used
    x86: Remove unused variable disable_x2apic
    x86: Remove unused function lapic_watchdog_ok()
    includecheck fix: include/linux, rfkill.h

    Jay Sternberg (1):
    Atheros Kconfig needs to be dependent on WLAN_80211

    Jean Delvare (1):
    Fix staging drivers after smp_lock.h redux

    Jeff Garzik (1):
    osdblk: a Linux block device for OSD objects

    Jeff Layton (9):
    cifs: add new cifs_iget function and convert unix codepath to use it
    cifs: fix regression with O_EXCL creates and optimize away lookup
    cifs: add pid of initiating process to spnego upcall info
    cifs: rename CIFSSMBUnixSetInfo to CIFSSMBUnixSetPathInfo
    cifs: make a separate function for filling out FILE_UNIX_BASIC_INFO
    cifs: add and use CIFSSMBUnixSetFileInfo for setattr calls
    cifs: convert cifs_get_inode_info and non-posix readdir to use cifs_iget
    cifs: remove cifsInodeInfo->inUse counter
    cifs: when ATTR_READONLY is set, only clear write bits on non-directories

    Jens Axboe (1):
    Fix congestion_wait() sync/async vs read/write confusion

    Jesper Dangaard Brouer (1):
    ext4: Use rcu_barrier() on module unload.

    Jesse Barnes (1):
    drm/i915: enable error detection & state collection

    Jiaying Zhang (1):
    quota: Fix possible deadlock during parallel quotaon and quotaoff

    Jiri Olsa (2):
    net: adding memory barrier to the poll and receive callbacks
    memory barrier: adding smp_mb__after_lock

    Jiri Slaby (7):
    V4L/DVB (12202): em28xx, fix lock imbalance
    V4L/DVB (12203): radio-si470x: fix lock imbalance
    rtc: ds1374, fix lock imbalance
    Wireless: nl80211, fix lock imbalance
    [WATCHDOG] w83697ug, fix lock imbalance
    hwmon: (max6650) Fix lock imbalance
    Firmware: firmware_class, fix lock imbalance

    Jiro SEKIBA (1):
    nilfs2: fix disorder in cp count on error during deleting checkpoints

    Joe Perches (5):
    PCI ECRC: Remove unnecessary semicolons
    powerpc: Remove unnecessary semicolons
    Remove multiple KERN_ prefixes from printk formats
    [WATCHDOG] drivers/watchdog/bcm47xx_wdt.c: Remove unnecessary semicolons
    hwmon: (sht15) Remove unnecessary semicolon

    Joerg Roedel (3):
    dma-debug: fix off-by-one error in overlap function
    amd-iommu: handle alias entries correctly in init code
    amd-iommu: set evt_buf_size correctly

    Johann Lombardi (1):
    ext4: Fix goal inum check in the inode allocator

    Johannes Berg (4):
    hp-wmi: fix rfkill bug
    cfg80211: fix refcount leak
    mac80211_hwsim: avoid NULL access
    mac80211: fix docbook

    Jonathan McDowell (1):
    USB: Fix option_ms regression in 2.6.31-rc2

    Jorrit Schippers (1):
    Staging: rt2870: Add USB ID for Sitecom WL-608

    Josef Bacik (1):
    mm: mark page accessed before we write_end()

    Josh Boyer (1):
    powerpc/44x: Fix build error with -Werror for Warp platform

    Julia Lawall (1):
    drivers/net/smsc911x.c: Fix resource size off by 1 error

    Julien Tinnes (1):
    personality: fix PER_CLEAR_ON_SETID

    Kai Engert (1):
    USB: option.c: add Qualcomm/Option iCON 210 modem

    Kay Sievers (2):
    sparc: remove driver-core BUS_ID_SIZE
    Driver Core: remove BUS_ID_SIZE

    Keith Packard (2):
    drm/i915: Make driver less chatty
    drm/i915: Adjust DisplayPort clocks to use 96MHz reference

    Ken Kawasaki (1):
    pcnet_cs: add new id

    Kevin Cernekee (1):
    Fix virt_to_phys() warnings

    Kevin Hilman (1):
    USB: musb: davinci dm6446evm GPIO renumbering

    Krzysztof Halasa (1):
    USB serial: Add ID for Turtelizer, an FT2232L-based JTAG/RS-232 adapter.

    Krzysztof Helt (10):
    sisfb: fix regression with uninitalized fb_info->mm_lock mutex
    i810fb: fix regression with uninitalized fb_info->mm_lock mutex
    atafb: fix regression with uninitalized fb_info->mm_lock mutex
    w100fb: fix regression with uninitalized fb_info->mm_lock mutex
    matroxfb: fix regression with uninitalized fb_info->mm_lock mutex
    matroxfb: fix regression with uninitalized fb_info->mm_lock mutex (second head)
    fsl-diu-fb: fix regression with uninitalized fb_info->mm_lock mutex
    atmel_lcdfb: fix regression with uninitalized fb_info->mm_lock mutex
    sm501fb: fix regression with uninitalized fb_info->mm_lock mutex
    mx3fb: fix regression with uninitalized fb_info->mm_lock mutex

    Lai Jiangshan (1):
    trace_export: Repair missed fields

    Larry Finger (3):
    b43/b43legacy: fix radio LED initialization
    p54: tx refused but queue active
    fuse: Fix build error

    Lars-Peter Clausen (1):
    ASoC: Fix wm8753 register cache size and initialization

    Li Zefan (2):
    tracing: Fix stack tracer sysctl handling
    tracing/fastboot: Document the need of initcall_debug

    Linus Torvalds (4):
    Revert "fb: Initialize fb_info mutexes in framebuffer_alloc()"
    Revert "fuse: Fix build error" as unnecessary
    Don't use '-fwrapv' compiler option: it's buggy in gcc-4.1.x
    Linux 2.6.31-rc3

    Linus Walleij (2):
    [ARM] 5579/1: Updated U300 defconfig
    [ARM] 5581/1: U300 clock updates

    Luciano Coelho (1):
    mac80211: minstrel: avoid accessing negative indices in rix_to_ndx()

    Magnus Damm (3):
    sh-sci: update receive error handling for muxed irqs
    usb: allow sh7724 to enable on-chip r8a66597
    sh: add r8a66597 usb0 host to the se7724 board

    Mallikarjuna R Chilakala (1):
    ixgbe: Not allow 8259x unsupported wol options change from ethtool

    Mariusz Kozlowski (1):
    tun/tap: Fix crashes if open() /dev/net/tun and then poll() it.

    Mark Brown (1):
    ASoC: Fix register cache initialisation for WM8753

    Mark Langsdorf (1):
    [CPUFREQ] Powernow-k8: support family 0xf with 2 low p-states

    Martin Geleynse (1):
    USB: ftdi: support NDI devices

    Martin Schwidefsky (2):
    [S390] set SCHED_OMIT_FRAME_POINTER for s390
    [S390] define KTIME_SCALAR for 32-bit s390

    Masami Hiramatsu (1):
    kprobes: No need to unlock kprobe_insn_mutex

    Mathieu Desnoyers (2):
    x86: Fix fixmap page order for FIX_TEXT_POKE0,1
    [CPUFREQ] fix (utter) cpufreq_add_dev mess

    Matthew Wilcox (1):
    PCI: Fix IRQ swizzling for ARI-enabled devices

    Matthias Kaehlcke (1):
    [ARM] 5576/1: Update kb9202_defconfig

    Mauro Carvalho Chehab (12):
    V4L/DVB (12134): vivi: bug: don't assume that S_STD will be called before streaming
    V4L/DVB (12148): move V4L2_PIX_FMT_SGRBG8 to the proper place
    V4L/DVB (12135): Add a driver for mt9v011 sensor
    V4L/DVB (12136): mt9v011: Some fixes at the register initialization table
    V4L/DVB (12137): mt9v011: CodingStyle fixes
    V4L/DVB (12173): mt9v011: properly calculate image resolution registers
    V4L/DVB (12174): mt9v011: let's stick with datasheet values where it works
    V4L/DVB (12138): em28xx: add support for Silvercrest Webcam
    V4L/DVB (12139): em28xx: add other video formats
    V4L/DVB (12169): em28xx-video: fix VIDIOC_G_FMT and VIDIOC_ENUMFMT with webcams
    V4L/DVB (12171): em28xx: fix webcam usage with different output formats
    V4L/DVB (12172): em28xx: Add autodetection code for Silvercrest 1.3 mpix

    Maynard Johnson (1):
    oprofile: reset bt_lost_no_mapping with other stats

    Michael Ellerman (7):
    powerpc/pseries: Use pr_devel() in pseries LPAR HPTE routines
    powerpc/pseries: Use pr_devel() in xics.c
    powerpc: Use pr_devel() in arch/powerpc/mm/mmu_context_nohash.c
    powerpc: Cleanup & use pr_devel() in arch/powerpc/mm/slb.c
    powerpc: Use pr_devel() in arch/powerpc/mm/gup.c
    powerpc/cell: Use pr_devel() in axon_msi.c
    powerpc: Use pr_devel() in do_dcache_icache_coherency()

    Michael Krufky (2):
    V4L/DVB (12165): cx23885: override set_frontend to allow rf input path switching on the HVR1275
    V4L/DVB (12166): cx23885: add FIXME comment above set_frontend override

    Michal Simek (2):
    microblaze: Wire up new syscalls
    microblaze: Fix cast warning for init.c

    Mike Frysinger (1):
    USB: isp1760: use __devexit_p() for remove function

    Mike Galbraith (6):
    x86: Fix symbol annotation for arch/x86/lib/clear_page_64.S::clear_page_c
    perf_counter tools: Make symbol loading consistently return number of loaded symbols
    perf_counter tools: Add infrastructure to support loading of kernel module symbols
    perf_counter tools: Connect module support infrastructure to symbol loading infrastructure
    perf_counter tools: Enable kernel module symbol loading in tools
    x86: Add missing annotation to arch/x86/lib/copy_user_64.S::copy_to_user

    Oleg Nesterov (1):
    cred_guard_mutex: do not return -EINTR to user-space

    Oliver Neukum (4):
    USB: fix memory leak in usbtmc
    USB: fix uninitialised variable in ti_do_download
    USB: fix memleak in usbfs
    USB: fix race leading to a write after kfree in usbfs

    Pablo Bitton (1):
    davinci_emac: fix kernel oops when changing MAC address while interface is down

    Parag Warudkar (1):
    elfcore.h : Fix UML build breakage

    Pascal Terjan (1):
    zd1211rw: 07b8:6001 is a ZD1211B

    Paul E. McKenney (2):
    rcu: Mark Hierarchical RCU no longer experimental
    fix RCU-callback-after-kmem_cache_destroy problem in sl[aou]b

    Paul Mackerras (2):
    perf_counter tools: Rework event string parsing/syntax
    x86: atomic64: Code atomic(64)_read and atomic(64)_set in C not CPP

    Paul Mundt (5):
    fb: Initialize fb_info mutexes in framebuffer_alloc()
    video: sh_mobile_lcdcfb: Convert to framebuffer_alloc().
    video: hitfb: Convert to framebuffer_alloc().
    video: hitfb: Move over to dev_pm_ops.

    Paul Vojta (1):
    ALSA: hda - fix beep tone calculation for IDT/STAC codecs

    Paulius Zaleckas (1):
    USB: gadget: fix imx_udc entry in Kconfig

    Pekka Enberg (2):
    SLAB: Fix lockdep annotations
    xen: Use kcalloc() in xen_init_IRQ()

    Peng Tao (1):
    ext4: fix null handler of ioctls in no journal mode

    Pete Zaitcev (1):
    Staging: rspiusb: use NULL virtual address instead of a bogus one

    Peter Chubb (1):
    x86: Fix resume from suspend when CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR

    Peter Oberparleiter (1):
    gcov: exclude code operating in userspace from profiling

    Peter Zijlstra (2):
    sched: optimize cond_resched()

    Philipp Zabel (1):
    USB: gadget: pxa25x uses gpio_is_valid

    Ping Cheng (1):
    Input: wacom - add DTF720a support and fix rotation on Intuos3

    Qiuping Chen (1):
    USB: gadget: rndis conformance tweak

    Rakib Mullick (1):
    x86, kvm: Fix section mismatches in kvm.c

    Randy Dunlap (3):
    PCI: fix kernel-doc warnings
    USB: usb.h: fix kernel-doc notation
    USB: gadget audio: select SND_PCM

    Raphael Assenat (1):
    [WATCHDOG] SA1100 watchdog maximum timeout

    Remis Lima Baima (2):
    microblaze: use the generic lib/checksum.c
    microblaze: convert all simple headers to use asm-generic

    Robert P. J. Day (1):
    vlynq: correct typo of missing "CONFIG_" prefix in ifdef

    Robert Richter (1):
    x86/oprofile: rename kernel parameter for architectural perfmon to arch_perfmon

    Roel Kluin (1):
    USB: fhci: mutually exclusive port_status

    Roland Dreier (2):
    fealnx: Fix build breakage -- PR_CONT should be KERN_CONT
    cxgb3: Fix crash caused by stashing wrong netdev_queue

    Ron Mercer (8):
    qlge: Expand coverage of hw lock for config register.
    qlge: Clear frame to queue routing before reset.
    qlge: Fix carrier on condition.
    qlge: Fix redundant call to free resources.
    qlge: Fix tx byte counter.
    qlge: Fix MAC address bonding issue.
    qlge: Add/use function for link up/down.
    qlge: Fix sizeof usage.

    Russell King (4):
    [ARM] export __cpu_flush_dcache_page
    [ARM] pgtable: swp pte layout documentation, definitions, and check
    [ARM] pgtable: file pte layout documentation
    [ARM] amba: fix amba device resources

    Ryusuke Konishi (4):
    nilfs2: remove unlikely directive causing mis-conversion of error code
    nilfs2: fix hang problem of log writer which occurs after write failures
    nilfs2: fix incorrect KERN_CRIT messages in case of write failures
    nilfs2: fix lockdep warning between regular file and inode file

    SUGIOKA Toshinobu (1):
    serial: sh-sci: fix sci interrupt handler

    Saeed Bishara (1):
    Input: gpio_mouse - use standard driver registration method

    Samuel Ortiz (1):
    iwmc3200wifi: add Kconfig help

    Sathya Perla (1):
    be2net: fix spurious interrupt handling in intx mode

    Sean MacLennan (2):
    powerpc/44x: Update Warp defconfig
    powerpc/4xx: Have Warp take advantage of GPIO LEDs default-state = keep

    Sebastian Ott (1):
    PM: Clear -EAGAIN in dpm_prepare

    Sergei Shtylyov (1):
    USB: musb_host: undo incorrect change in musb_advance_schedule()

    Shaohua Li (1):
    drm/i915: add FIFO watermark support

    Sheng Yang (1):
    intel-iommu: Fix intel_iommu_unmap_range() with size 0

    Slobodan Tomić (1):
    [WATCHDOG] w83627hf_wdt.c: add support for the W83627EHF support

    Stefan Haberland (1):
    [S390] dasd: correct debugfeature sense dump

    Stefan Herbrechtsmeier (1):
    V4L/DVB (12159): soc_camera: Fix debug output of supported formats count

    Stefan Richter (3):
    firewire: core: do not DMA-map stack addresses
    firewire: sbp2: add support for disks >2 TB (and 16 bytes long CDBs)
    ieee1394: sbp2: add support for disks >2 TB (and 16 bytes long CDBs)

    Stephane Contri (1):
    dsa: fix 88e6xxx statistics counter snapshotting

    Steve French (1):
    [CIFS] update cifs version number

    Takashi Iwai (5):
    ALSA: hda - Fix error path in the sanity check in azx_pcm_open()
    ALSA: hda - Clean up VT170x dig-in initialization code
    ALSA: hda - Add missing EAPD initialization for VIA codecs
    ALSA: hda - Fix capture source selection in patch_via.c
    ALSA: hda - Check widget types while parsing capture source in patch_via.c

    Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo (1):
    Input: mark serio and i8042 as suspended when hibernating too

    Theodore Ts'o (5):
    ext4: Fix type warning on 64-bit platforms in tracing events header
    jbd2: Remove GFP_ATOMIC kmalloc from inside spinlock critical region
    ext4: Fix potential reclaim deadlock when truncating partial block
    ext4: fix no journal corruption with locale-gen
    ext4: Fix ext4_mb_initialize_context() to initialize all fields

    Tilman Schmidt (2):
    gigaset: accept connection establishment messages in any order
    gigaset: drop pointless check

    Tobias Doerffel (1):
    linux/sysrq.h needs linux/errno.h

    Trond Myklebust (1):
    Fix compile error due to congestion_wait() changes

    Vasanthakumar Thiagarajan (1):
    ath9k: Fix leak in tx descriptor

    Vivek Goyal (1):
    cfq-iosched: reset oom_cfqq in cfq_set_request()

    Wade Farnsworth (1):
    phylib: fixes for PHY_RESUMING state changes

    Wei Yongjun (3):
    xfrm4: fix the ports decode of sctp protocol
    xfrm6: fix the proto and ports decode of sctp protocol
    sctp: fix warning at inet_sock_destruct() while release sctp socket

    Xiao Guangrong (1):
    tracing: Fix trace_print_seq()

    Yan Li (1):
    Input: i8042 - more reset quirks for MSI Wind-clone netbooks

    Yi Zou (1):
    ixgbe: Fix coexistence of FCoE and Flow Director in 82599

    Yinghai Lu (3):
    x86/PCI: fix boundary checking when using root CRS
    x86/PCI: get root CRS before scanning children
    x86: don't clear nodes_states[N_NORMAL_MEMORY] when numa is not compiled in

    Yu Zhao (1):
    PCI: check if bus has a proper bridge device before triggering SBR

    Zhang, Yanmin (1):
    sys_sync(): fix 16% performance regression in ffsb create_4k test

    Zhao Yakui (4):
    drm/i915: Check the LID device to decide whether the LVDS should be initialized
    drm/i915: Restore the KMS modeset for every activated CRTC
    drm: Disable the unused connectors explicitly when resuming with KMS.
    drm/i915: Avoid saving/restore the modesetting registers twice in KMS mode

    Zhenyu Wang (2):
    drm/i915: Don't update display FIFO watermark on IGDNG
    drm/i915: Fix for LVDS VBT change on IGDNG

    dingdinghua (1):
    jbd2: fix race between write_metadata_buffer and get_write_access (4):
    drm/i915: Set SSC frequency for 8xx chips correctly
    drm/i915: enable sdvo lvds scaling function.
    drm/i915: crt fetch EDID by DVI-I converter on G4x platform
    drm/i915: Disable VGA output when doing DRM_MODE_DPMS_OFF. (4):
    [CPUFREQ] Eliminate the recent lockdep warnings in cpufreq
    [CPUFREQ] Mark policy_rwsem as going static in cpufreq.c wont be exported
    [CPUFREQ] Cleanup locking in ondemand governor
    [CPUFREQ] Cleanup locking in conservative governor

    vibi sreenivasan (1):
    driver model: fix show/store prototypes in doc.

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