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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/17] [RFC] AFS: Implement OpenAFS pioctls(version)s
    Alan Cox <> wrote:

    > But if we add an ABI we end up stuck with it and this one is really
    > really rather ugly.

    Somewhat less ugly than ioctl, for instance, but you're not entirely wrong.
    There is no good way of doing this.

    > Can you not put pioctl() into a C library linked with the openafs utilities
    > that generates more sensible interface calls? I mean you have to produce
    > the pioctl() syscall wrapper anyway so why not make "pioctl" a user space
    > compat library?

    pioctl() is almost implementable with a combination of (l)setxattr,
    (l)getxattr, set_key, keyctl_read, and if all else fails, open + ioctl or
    open(O_NOFOLLOW) + ioctl, but not quite completely. There are things you can't
    open, even with O_NOFOLLOW. And doing state-retaining setxattr/getxattr pairs
    is even more nasty than pioctl (IIRC, that's something Christoph suggested a
    while back).

    Besides, I want a set of utilities that I can use in conjunction with both kAFS
    and OpenAFS without having to recompile.


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