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SubjectNILFS2 get stuck after bio_alloc() fail

While testing nilfs2 (using 2.6.30) doing some "cp"s and "rm"s, I noticed
sometimes they got stucked in D state, and the kernel had said the
following message:

NILFS: IO error writing segment

A friend gave me a hand and after adding some printk()s we found out that
the problem seems to occur when bio_alloc()s inside nilfs_alloc_seg_bio()
fail, making it return NULL; but we don't know how that causes the
processes to get stucked.

PS: Please CC me.

Leandro Lucarella (luca) | Blog colectivo:
GPG Key: 5F5A8D05 (F8CD F9A7 BF00 5431 4145 104C 949E BFB6 5F5A 8D05)

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