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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/3] generic hypercall support
    Gregory Haskins wrote:
    > Chris Wright wrote:
    >> * Gregory Haskins ( wrote:
    >>> Chris Wright wrote:
    >>>> But a free-form hypercall(unsigned long nr, unsigned long *args, size_t count)
    >>>> means hypercall number and arg list must be the same in order for code
    >>>> to call hypercall() in a hypervisor agnostic way.
    >>> Yes, and that is exactly the intention. I think its perhaps the point
    >>> you are missing.
    >> Yes, I was reading this as purely any hypercall, but it seems a bit
    >> more like:
    >> pv_io_ops->iomap()
    >> pv_io_ops->ioread()
    >> pv_io_ops->iowrite()
    > Right.

    Hmm, reminds me of something I thought of a while back.

    We could implement an 'mmio hypercall' that does mmio reads/writes via a
    hypercall instead of an mmio operation. That will speed up mmio for
    emulated devices (say, e1000). It's easy to hook into Linux
    (readl/writel), is pci-friendly, non-x86 friendly, etc.

    It also makes the device work when hypercall support is not available
    (qemu/tcg); you simply fall back on mmio.

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