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    SubjectRe: kms in defconfig
    On Mon, 27 Apr 2009 18:56:27 +1000 Dave Airlie <> wrote:

    > > KMS is the sane design for graphics and i'd go as far as to consider
    > > user-space mode setting an outright _bug_. It look a long time to
    > > fix but now lets look forward and fix all the bugs in KMS, ASAP ...
    > Its mainly for things like Andrews Vaio, people will not expect a new kernel
    > to take out any current userspace, its a pain, but we assume distros + people
    > who compile their own kernels will know what userspace exists on their
    > machines and other will get the least surprise.

    My Vaio thanks you.

    What is the expected user-visible failure mode when someone enables KMS
    on naive userspace? iow, how can bug report screeners recognise when this has

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