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    SubjectDefault HZ value for X86

    I was wondering why do we still have the default HZ value as 1000 for
    the x86 kernels.


    With the highres timer implementation it was planned to move away from
    relying on high timer interrupt frequency for applications requiring
    precise high resolution timer's.

    This quote in the timer/hrtimers.txt also mentions that we should be
    able to decrease the frequency of the timeout subsystem, which I assume
    would mean reducing HZ value.

    "Another potential benefit is that such a separation allows even more
    special-purpose optimization of the existing timer wheel for the low
    resolution and low precision use cases - once the precision-sensitive
    APIs are separated from the timer wheel and are migrated over to
    hrtimers. E.g. we could decrease the frequency of the timeout subsystem
    from 250 Hz to 100 HZ (or even smaller)."

    So, are there still any concerns that keep us from lowering the default
    HZ value down to 250/100 for mainline ?


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