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    SubjectRe: [git pull -tip] headers_check fixes for other architectures

    * Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

    > > These patches fixes 41 headers_check warnings as shown in first email.
    > Pulled into tip/core/header-fixes, thanks Jaswinder!

    These are the remaining ones on x86:

    17 /dev/shm/tip/usr/include/linux/reiserfs_fs.h
    12 /dev/shm/tip/usr/include/linux/soundcard.h
    6 /dev/shm/tip/usr/include/asm/setup.h
    3 /dev/shm/tip/usr/include/linux/nubus.h
    2 /dev/shm/tip/usr/include/linux/in6.h
    1 /dev/shm/tip/usr/include/mtd/jffs2-user.h
    1 /dev/shm/tip/usr/include/linux/socket.h
    1 /dev/shm/tip/usr/include/linux/coda_psdev.h
    1 /dev/shm/tip/usr/include/asm/prctl.h

    They are all of the "extern's make no sense in userspace" type. What was the
    verdict, are they worth touching, or should we turn off this warning in
    'make headers_check'?


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