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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/3] net: TCP thin dupack
    I apologise that some of you received this mail more than once. My email
    client played a HTML-trick on me.

    >> + /* If a thin stream is detected, retransmit after first
    >> + * received dupack */
    >> + if ((tp->thin_dupack || sysctl_tcp_force_thin_dupack) &&
    >> + tcp_dupack_heurestics(tp) > 1 && tcp_stream_is_thin(tp))
    >> + return 1;
    >> +
    >> return 0;
    >> }
    > Have you tested it? ...I doubt this will work like you say and
    > something when the window is small. ...Besides, you should have built
    > patch on top of the function rename you submitted earlier as after DaveM
    applied that this will no longer even compile...
    > --
    > i.

    We have performed extensive tests mapping the effect of the patch you
    commented on some months ago. Since then, the only change was the one you
    requested of switching tcp_fackets_out() with tcp_dupack_heurestics().
    After inspecting the code, I believed the effect should be equal to the
    previous, only making considerations for SACK and FACK availability.
    Please tell if this will break the intended effect, and I will modify the
    patch accordingly.

    Graphs from our tests of the original patch can be found at the location
    linked to below. I have tested the new one for functionality, but have
    not et performed tests on this scope as the changes were minor. I will, of
    course, fix the function rename in the next iteration. Sorry for that.


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