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SubjectRe: care and feeding of netperf (Re: Mainline kernel OLTP performance update)
>>To get quick profiles, that form of aggregate netperf is OK - just the one 
>>iteration with background processes using a moderatly long run time. However,
>>for result reporting, it is best to (ab)use the confidence intervals
>>functionality to try to avoid skew errors.
> Yes. My formal testing uses -i 50. I just wanted a quick testing. If I need
> finer-tuning or investigation, I would turn on more options.

Netperf will silently clip that to 30 as that is all the built-in tables know.

> Thanks again. I learned a lot.

Feel free to wander over to netperf-talk over at if you want to talk
some more about the care and feeding of netperf.

happy benchmarking,

rick jones

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