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    SubjectRe: deadlocks if use htb
    On Wed, 14 Jan 2009, Peter Zijlstra wrote:
    > On Wed, 2009-01-14 at 14:17 +0200, Denys Fedoryschenko wrote:
    > > I will try that patches too, when i got this message, after 3 minutes i got
    > > crash of my router :-) after working around 17 hours :-(
    > > There is 3 of them by the way, 2 fixes also.
    > >
    > > hrtimer: removing all ur callback modes
    > > hrtimer: removing all ur callback modes, fix hotplug
    > > hrtimer: removing all ur callback modes, fix
    > I'm afraid its a bit more than that:
    > ca109491f612aab5c8152207631c0444f63da97f
    > 37810659ea7d9572c5ac284ade272f806ef8f788
    > a0a99b227da57f81319dd239bc4de811b0f530ec
    > b2e3c0adec918ea22b6c9d7c76193dd3aaba9bd4
    > 8bdec955b0da2ffbd10eb9b200651dd1f9e366f2
    > d5fd43c4ae04523e1dcd7794f9c511b289851350
    > 731a55ba0f17064f85903b7bf8e24849ec6cfa20
    > a6037b61c2f5fc99c57c15b26d7cfa58bbb34008
    > e3f1d883740b09e5116d4d4e30a6a6987264a83c
    > 82c5b7b527ccc4b5d3cf832437e842f9d2920a79
    > and
    > 6e5c172cf7ca1ab878cc6a6a4c1d52fef60f3ee0
    > Also, all this is rather invasive and large, so I'm not sure it will
    > meet the -stable criteria.

    In my testing (another 12 hours of uptime, BTW), the three patches I am
    using are:


    I have not tried the other patches.

    That said, I would not recommend just the three for -stable unless they
    get a much wider amount of testing, on multiple platforms. I don't see
    that as likely to happen, plus Peter says they are incomplete, so maybe it
    is just best to recommend that 2.6.28 users getting crashes while using
    HTB try these specific patches at first, and then the rest of the patches
    if they do not work.


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