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SubjectRequest for MCE decode (AMD Barcelona, fam 10h)
On a Tyan-based system with intermittent but persistent instability, I
have finally received a message that something might actually be wrong
in hardware. Could you decode:

HARDWARE ERROR. This is *NOT* a software problem!
Please contact your hardware vendor
CPU 0 BANK 4 MISC c000000001000000
STATUS fa00002000020c0f MCGSTATUS 0
HARDWARE ERROR. This is *NOT* a software problem!
Please contact your hardware vendor
CPU 4 BANK 4 MISC c000000001000000
STATUS fa00000000070f0f MCGSTATUS 0

This appeared while the 3Ware 9550SXU-8LP RAID controller reported a
disk corruption:
3w-9xxx: scsi0: AEN: INFO (0x04:0x0029): Verify started:unit=0.
Machine check events logged
3w-9xxx: scsi0: AEN: WARNING (0x04:0x0023): Sector repair
completed:port=2, LBA=0x74907F9.

This is on:
Linux prometheus 2.6.27-rc5-00283-g70bb089 #1 SMP Sat Sep 6 13:52:51 BST
2008 x86_64 Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 2354 AuthenticAMD

This is a 2x Opteron 2354 (so 8 core) system, on a Tyan S2915-E
mainboard with the v2.07 BIOS. The system is equipped with 16GB RAM,
populated as 8x Kingston KVR667D2D4P5/2G.

Configuration for the RAID controller, in case it is relevant:
/c0 Driver Version =
/c0 Model = 9550SXU-8LP
/c0 Available Memory = 112MB
/c0 Firmware Version = FE9X
/c0 Bios Version = BE9X
/c0 Boot Loader Version = BL9X
/c0 Serial Number = [scrubbed]
/c0 PCB Version = Rev 032
/c0 PCHIP Version = 1.60
/c0 ACHIP Version = 1.90
/c0 Number of Ports = 8
/c0 Number of Drives = 6
/c0 Number of Units = 1
/c0 Total Optimal Units = 1
/c0 Not Optimal Units = 0
/c0 JBOD Export Policy = off
/c0 Disk Spinup Policy = 2
/c0 Spinup Stagger Time Policy (sec) = 1
/c0 Auto-Carving Policy = off
/c0 Auto-Carving Size = 2048 GB
/c0 Auto-Rebuild Policy = on
/c0 Controller Bus Type = PCIX
/c0 Controller Bus Width = 64 bits
/c0 Controller Bus Speed = 133 Mhz

Unit UnitType Status %RCmpl %V/I/M Stripe Size(GB) Cache
u0 RAID-5 VERIFYING - 12 256K 3492.41 ON

Port Status Unit Size Blocks Serial
p0 OK u0 698.63 GB 1465149168 [scrubbed]
p1 OK u0 698.63 GB 1465149168 [scrubbed]
p2 OK u0 698.63 GB 1465149168 [scrubbed]
p3 OK u0 698.63 GB 1465149168 [scrubbed]
p4 OK u0 698.63 GB 1465149168 [scrubbed]
p5 OK u0 698.63 GB 1465149168 [scrubbed]
p6 NOT-PRESENT - - - -
p7 NOT-PRESENT - - - -

Name OnlineState BBUReady Status Volt Temp Hours
bbu On Yes OK OK OK 255

I have stripped the machine down to its bare minimum configuration, but
the instability continues. On an older BIOS, enabling the IOMMU option
in the BIOS seemed to cause hard crashes with an alarming frequency.
However, this all but disappeared in in v2.05 and upwards.
As disabling the IOMMU option costs me RAM, I have not yet done so.
However, I will happily flip BIOS settings and run further tests for
you. I'm not getting any work done on this workstation and that needs to
I realize that the linux kernel may be entirely blameless in this
situation, but I'd like to have some peer insight before I run after

Tony V.
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