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SubjectRe: mounting windows shares with path exactly like on windows
Alan Jenkins wrote:

> Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
>>> In short - I've got bunch of applications running both on windows and
>>> linux and these applications \
>>> exchange links to files mounted on both sides. The problem is that
>>> these paths are different, i.e. like \
>>> D:/dir/file on windows and /mountpoint/dir/file on Linux. What I need
>>> is unifying them. So my idea is to \
>>> have path translator on anything on kernel level, which will make
>>> Linux open call to D:/dir/file on Linux \
>>> work and open /mountpoint/dir/file. Was anything close to that ever
>>> incorporated in kernel?
>> What's wrong with just:
>> # mkdir -p /D:/dir
>> # mount.cifs ...
>> # touch /D:/dir/file
>> ?
>> Or, use symlinks from /D:/dir to /mountpoint/dir/
> That only works from the root directory though. In unix, "C:/" is a
> relative path.

Yeah, creating "C:" symlink in each and every directory accessed by the
application doesn't sound like a neat solution.

BTW, it's the first time I hear about a unix application which has paths
like D:/ or C:/ hardcoded.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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