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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Mark i2o config broken on 64-bit platforms.
Miquel van Smoorenburg <> wrote:

> The adaptec management application ("raidutils") is also not 64-bit clean
> (read the code .. it puts pointers into ints etc etc), and fixing
> that is not trivial, _but_ the 32 bit version works on a 64 bit kernel.

That may be so, but there is nothing to protect the 64-bit ioctl() call,
should someone choose to make one.

> First, if you want to mark something broken, it would be

That's probably right.

> second, compiling it gives warnings, but it works, and I bet people are
> using it.

Maybe, but have you looked at i2o_cfg_passthru()? Take this, for example:

/* Allocate memory for the transfer */
p = kmalloc(sg_size, GFP_KERNEL);
//TODO 64bit fix
sg[i].addr_bus = virt_to_bus(p);

That looks distinctly dodgy. virt_to_bus() returns a 64-bit address, and as
far as I know you may not assume that it will return a 32-bit address. You're
taking the bus-address of a piece of RAM, but there may be more than 4GB of
RAM in the system.


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