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    SubjectLinux 2.6.26-rc9

    Ok, the last -rc obviously wasn't the last one after all, since here's a
    new one. Enough changes that we needed another -rc, and the regression
    list isn't emptying fast enough either (probably because a number of
    people, including reporters, are vacationing).

    But this should in fact close a number of entries, so it's not all doom
    and gloom.

    The actual bulk of this all is a new UVC video driver for the standard USB
    Video Class specification. It's a new driver, so shouldn't cause any
    regressions, but it's fairly sizable, which explains the dirstat:

    1.3% drivers/media/video/cx18/
    1.4% drivers/media/video/saa7134/
    78.0% drivers/media/video/uvc/
    83.4% drivers/media/video/
    84.4% drivers/media/
    1.4% drivers/net/wireless/
    2.3% drivers/net/
    91.9% drivers/
    2.6% fs/
    1.7% net/

    ie 78% is just that one new driver, and almost 92% is driver updates in
    general (although some of them are reverts, so they show up as diffs
    against -rc8, but they actually cause the _total_ diff against 2.6.25 to
    shrink a bit).

    The fs updates are partly some minor updates to 9p, ecryptfs, proc and
    udf, but partly some delayed cleanup patches that went through Al. Bad Al.
    But when Al sends me patches, I apply them. I worry what would happen if I

    The rest is mainly small fixes (one-liners and "few-liners") all over the
    place, many of them merged from Andrew's -mm queue.


    Adrian Bunk (2):
    pkt_sched: Remove CONFIG_NET_SCH_RR
    include/linux/netdevice.h: don't export MAX_HEADER to userspace

    Akinobu Mita (1):
    add kernel-doc for simple_read_from_buffer and memory_read_from_buffer

    Al Viro (2):
    fix cgroup-inflicted breakage in block_dev.c
    [netdrvr] netxen: fix netxen_pci_tbl[] breakage

    Alan Cox (1):
    tty: Fix inverted logic in send_break

    Alan Stern (1):
    USB: don't lose disconnections during suspend

    Alex Chiang (1):
    PCI: acpiphp: cleanup notify handler on all root bridges

    Andi Kleen (1):
    [netdrvr] Fix IOMMU overflow checking in s2io.c

    Andre Haupt (1):
    hamradio: remove unused variable

    Andreas Gruenbacher (1):
    vfs: make d_path() consistent across mount operations

    Andres Salomon (2):
    olpc: sdhci: add quirk for the Marvell CaFe's vdd/powerup issue
    olpc: sdhci: add quirk for the Marvell CaFe's interrupt timeout

    Andrew G. Morgan (2):
    security: filesystem capabilities: fix fragile setuid fixup code
    security: filesystem capabilities: fix CAP_SETPCAP handling

    Andrew Morton (3):
    arch/x86/mm/init_64.c: early_memtest(): fix types
    Fix clear_refs_write() use of struct mm_walk
    Fix pagemap_read() use of struct mm_walk

    Andy Gospodarek (1):
    e1000: only enable TSO6 via ethtool when using correct hardware

    Andy Walls (5):
    V4L/DVB (8063): cx18: Fix unintended auto configurations in cx18-av-core
    V4L/DVB (8066): cx18: Fix audio mux input definitions for HVR-1600 Line In 2 and FM radio
    V4L/DVB (8067): cx18: Fix firmware load for case when digital capture happens first
    V4L/DVB (8068): cx18: Add I2C slave reset via GPIO upon initialization
    V4L/DVB (8069): cx18: Fix S-Video and Compsite inputs for the Yuan MPC718 and enable card entry

    Anton Vorontsov (1):
    fsl_diu_fb: fix build with CONFIG_PM=y, plus fix some warnings

    Antti Palosaari (3):
    V4L/DVB (8012): gl861: sleep a little to avoid I2C errors
    V4L/DVB (8013): gl861: remove useless identify_state
    V4L/DVB (8015): gl861: replace non critical msleep(0) with msleep(1) to be on the safe side

    Arjan van de Ven (2):
    V4L/DVB (8108): Fix open/close race in saa7134
    softlockup: print a module list on being stuck

    Atsushi Nemoto (3):
    tc35815: Mark carrier-off before starting PHY
    tc35815: Fix receiver hangup on Rx FIFO overflow
    [MIPS] cevt-txx9: Reset timer counter on initialization

    Austin Lund (1):
    V4L/DVB (8042): DVB-USB UMT-010 channel scan oops

    Balbir Singh (1):
    delay accounting: maintainer update

    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (5):
    Revert "BAST: Remove old IDE driver"
    ide: fix /proc/ide/ide?/mate reporting
    ide: fix hwif->gendev refcounting
    ide: ide_unregister() warm-plug bugfix
    ide: ide_unregister() locking bugfix

    Bastian Blank (1):
    Alpha Linux kernel fails with inconsistent kallsyms data

    Bastien Nocera (1):
    Input: add KEY_MEDIA_REPEAT definition

    Ben Dooks (5):
    I2C: S3C2410: Check ACK on byte transmission
    I2C: S3C2410: Fixup error codes returned rom a transfer.
    I2C: S3C2410: Add MODULE_ALIAS() for s3c2440 device.
    i2c: Documentation: fix device matching description
    OHCI: Fix problem if SM501 and another platform driver is selected

    Ben Hutchings (3):
    qla3xxx: Hold RTNL while calling dev_close()
    Hold RTNL while calling dev_close()
    PCI: Restrict VPD read permission to root

    Benjamin Li (1):
    PCI: Limit VPD read/write lengths for Broadcom 5706, 5708, 5709 rev.

    Bryan Wu (1):
    Blackfin arch: fix up section mismatch warning

    Catalin Marinas (1):
    [ARM] 5131/1: Annotate platform_secondary_init with trace_hardirqs_off

    Christoph Lameter (2):
    slub: Do not use 192 byte sized cache if minimum alignment is 128 byte
    Christoph has moved

    Daniel J Blueman (1):
    x86: section/warning fixes

    David Brownell (4):
    USB: ehci - fix timer regression
    USB: ohci - record data toggle after unlink
    rtc: rtc_read_alarm() handles wraparound
    gpio: pca953x (i2c) handles max7310 too

    David Howells (2):
    mn10300: export certain arch symbols required to build allmodconfig
    mn10300: provide __ucmpdi2() for MN10300

    David Rientjes (1):
    mempolicy: mask off internal flags for userspace API

    David S. Miller (1):
    [SCSI] esp: Fix OOPS in esp_reset_cleanup().

    David Woodhouse (1):
    kbuild: fix a.out.h export to userspace with O= build.

    Denis V. Lunev (1):
    [patch 4/4] flock: remove unused fields from file_lock_operations

    Devin Heitmueller (4):
    V4L/DVB (8010): em28xx: Properly register extensions for already attached devices
    V4L/DVB (8011): em28xx: enable DVB for HVR-900
    V4L/DVB (8017): Ensure em28xx extensions only get run against devs that support them
    V4L/DVB (8018): Add em2860 chip ID

    Divyesh Shah (1):
    block: Fix the starving writes bug in the anticipatory IO scheduler

    Dmitri Belimov (1):
    V4L/DVB (8020): Fix callbacks functions of saa7134_empress

    Dmitry Adamushko (1):
    sched: fix cpu hotplug

    Dmitry Torokhov (1):
    Input: fix locking in force-feedback core

    Doug Chapman (1):
    [IA64] export account_system_vtime

    Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu (2):
    Fix and clean top .gitignore
    Move _RET_IP_ and _THIS_IP_ to include/linux/kernel.h

    Eli Cohen (1):
    net/inet_lro: remove setting skb->ip_summed when not LRO-able

    Emmanuel Grumbach (2):
    mac80211: fix an oops in several failure paths in key allocation
    mac80211: don't accept WEP keys other than WEP40 and WEP104

    Eric Van Hensbergen (1):
    9p: fix O_APPEND in legacy mode

    Gautham R Shenoy (1):
    rcu: fix hotplug vs rcu race

    Geert Uytterhoeven (2):
    drivers/input/ff-core.c needs <linux/sched.h>
    MAINTAINERS: update the email address of Andreas Dilger

    Greg Kroah-Hartman (2):
    USB: another option device id
    USB: add a pl2303 device id

    Guennadi Liakhovetski (3):
    V4L/DVB (8039): pxa-camera: fix platform_get_irq() error handling.
    V4L/DVB (8040): soc-camera: remove soc_camera_host_class class
    serial: fix serial_match_port() for dynamic major tty-device numbers

    H. Peter Anvin (1):
    x86 ACPI: normalize segment descriptor register on resume

    Hans Verkuil (3):
    V4L/DVB (8007): cx18/cx25840: the S-Video LUMA input can use all In1-In8 inputs
    V4L/DVB (8008): cx18: remove duplicate audio and video input enums
    V4L/DVB (8092): videodev: simplify and fix standard enumeration

    Harvey Harrison (1):
    prism: islpci_eth.c endianness fix

    Hiroshi Shimamoto (1):
    Update taskstats-struct document for scaled time accounting

    Huacai Chen (1):
    rtc: fix CMOS time error after writing /proc/acpi/alarm

    Hugh Dickins (1):
    x86: fix Intel Mac booting with EFI

    Ingo Molnar (1):
    [netdrvr] 3c59x: remove irqs_disabled warning from local_bh_enable

    Ivo van Doorn (2):
    rt2x00: Fix unbalanced mutex locking
    rt2x00: Fix lock dependency errror

    J. Bruce Fields (1):
    svcrpc: fix handling of garbage args

    James Bottomley (2):
    [SCSI] esp: tidy up target reference counting
    firmware: fix the request_firmware() dummy

    Jan Blunck (1):
    [patch 1/4] vfs: path_{get,put}() cleanups

    Jan Engelhardt (1):
    [patch 2/4] fs: make struct file arg to d_path const

    Jan Kara (3):
    ext3: add missing unlock to error path in ext3_quota_write()
    ext4: add missing unlock to an error path in ext4_quota_write()
    reiserfs: add missing unlock to an error path in reiserfs_quota_write()

    Jarkko Nikula (1):
    ARM: OMAP: DMA: Don't mark channel active in omap_enable_channel_irq

    Jaya Kumar (3):
    [ARM] 5115/1: pxafb: fix ifdef for command line option handling
    [ARM] 5116/1: pxafb: cleanup and fix order of failure handling
    [ARM] 5117/1: pxafb: fix __devinit/exit annotations

    Jeff Kirsher (2):
    igb: fix EEH recovery during reset on PPC
    e1000e: fix EEH recovery during reset on PPC

    Jens Axboe (1):
    Properly notify block layer of sync writes

    Jeremy Fitzhardinge (1):
    xen: fix address truncation in pte mfn<->pfn conversion

    Jess Guerrero (1):
    ntfs: update help text

    Jesse Barnes (1):
    DRM/i915: only use tiled blits on 965+

    John Blackwood (1):
    mm: switch node meminfo Active & Inactive pages to Kbytes

    John Linn (2):
    powerpc/bootwrapper: update for initrd with simpleImage
    powerpc/legacy_serial: Bail if reg-offset/shift properties are present

    Jon K Hellan (1):
    USB: New device ID for ftdi_sio driver

    Joonwoo Park (1):
    textsearch: fix Boyer-Moore text search bug

    Jozsef Kadlecsik (1):
    netfilter: nf_conntrack_tcp: fixing to check the lower bound of valid ACK

    Julia Lawall (1):
    drivers/net/r6040.c: Eliminate double sizeof

    Julius Volz (1):
    netlink: Fix some doc comments in net/netlink/attr.c

    Kevin Hao (1):
    e100: Do pci_dma_sync after skb_alloc for proper operation on ixp4xx

    Komuro (1):
    pcnet_cs, axnet_cs: clear bogus interrupt before request_irq

    Laurent Pinchart (1):
    V4L/DVB (8145a): USB Video Class driver

    Len Brown (1):
    dock: bay: Don't call acpi_walk_namespace() when ACPI is disabled.

    Li Zefan (3):
    CONNECTOR: add a proc entry to list connectors
    cgroups: document the effect of attaching PID 0 to a cgroup
    devcgroup: fix odd behaviour when writing 'a' to devices.allow

    Marcin Slusarz (3):
    vfs: fix ERR_PTR abuse in generic_readlink
    V4L/DVB (8022): saa7134: fix race between opening and closing the device
    V4L/DVB (8100): V4L/vivi: fix possible memory leak in vivi_fillbuff

    Mark Lord (1):
    sata_mv: safer logic for limit_warnings

    Matthew Wilcox (1):
    [SCSI] ses: Fix timeout

    Matthias Schwarzott (1):
    V4L/DVB (8027): saa7134: Avermedia A700: only s-video and composite input are working

    Matthieu CASTET (1):
    USB: mass storage: new id for US_SC_CYP_ATACB

    Mauro Carvalho Chehab (6):
    V4L/DVB (8004): Fix INPUT dependency at budget-ci
    V4L/DVB (8005): Fix OOPS if frontend is null
    V4L/DVB (8026): Avoids an OOPS if dev struct can't be successfully recovered
    V4L/DVB (8028): Improve error messages for tda1004x attach
    V4L/DVB (8029): Improve error message at tda1004x_attach
    V4L/DVB (8178): uvc: Fix compilation breakage for the other drivers, if uvc is selected

    Max Asbock (1):
    x86: shift bits the right way in native_read_tscp

    Mel Gorman (1):
    Do not overwrite nr_zones on !NUMA when initialising zlcache_ptr

    Michael Buesch (4):
    b43: Do not return TX_BUSY from op_tx
    b43legacy: Do not return TX_BUSY from op_tx
    b43: Fix possible MMIO access while device is down
    b43legacy: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in DMA code

    Michael Halcrow (1):
    ecryptfs: remove unnecessary mux from ecryptfs_init_ecryptfs_miscdev()

    Michael Hamel (1):
    rtc-x1205: Fix alarm set

    Michael Kerrisk (5):
    vfs: utimensat(): be consistent with utime() for immutable and append-only files
    vfs: utimensat(): ignore tv_sec if tv_nsec == UTIME_OMIT or UTIME_NOW
    vfs: utimensat(): fix error checking for {UTIME_NOW,UTIME_OMIT} case
    vfs: utimensat(): fix write access check for futimens()
    man-pages is supported

    Michael Krufky (7):
    V4L/DVB (8034): tda18271: fix IF notch frequency handling
    V4L/DVB (8035): tda18271: dont touch EB14 if rf_cal lookup is out of range
    V4L/DVB (8036): tda18271: toggle rf agc speed mode on TDA18271HD/C2 only
    V4L/DVB (8037): tda18271: ensure that the thermometer is off during channel configuration
    V4L/DVB (8043): au0828: add support for additional USB device id's
    V4L/DVB (8044): au8522: tuning optimizations
    V4L/DVB (8061): cx18: only select tuner / frontend modules if !DVB_FE_CUSTOMISE

    Michal Schmidt (1):
    s2io: fix documentation about intr_type

    Miguel Ojeda (1):
    Miguel Ojeda has moved

    Mike Miller (1):
    cciss: read config to obtain max outstanding commands per controller

    Miklos Szeredi (2):
    vfs: dcache sparse fixes
    vfs: dcache cleanups

    Milan Broz (1):
    dm crypt: use cond_resched

    Miquel van Smoorenburg (1):
    tcp: calculate tcp_mem based on low memory instead of all memory

    Neil Brown (3):
    Ensure interrupted recovery completed properly (v1 metadata plus bitmap)
    Don't acknowlege that stripe-expand is complete until it really is.
    Fix error paths if md_probe fails.

    Octavian Purdila (1):
    tcp: fix for splice receive when used with software LRO

    Oleg Nesterov (1):
    get_user_pages(): fix possible page leak on oom

    Oliver Endriss (4):
    V4L/DVB (8071): tda10023: Fix possible kernel oops during initialisation
    V4L/DVB (8073): av7110: Catch another type of ARM crash
    V4L/DVB (8074): av7110: OSD transfers should not be interrupted
    V4L/DVB (8075): stv0299: Uncorrected block count and bit error rate fixed

    Oliver Neukum (3):
    USB: fix cdc-acm resume()
    USB: fix Oops on loading ipaq module since 2.6.26
    USB: adding comment for ipaq forcing number of ports

    Patrick McHardy (4):
    netfilter: ip6table_mangle: don't reroute in LOCAL_IN
    net-sched: change tcf_destroy_chain() to clear start of filter list
    net-sched: fix filter destruction in atm/hfsc qdisc destruction
    net: fib_rules: fix error code for unsupported families

    Paul Jackson (2):
    cpusets: document proc status cpus and mems allowed lists
    doc: document the relax_domain_level kernel boot argument

    Paul Larson (1):
    ixgbe: fix EEH recovery during reset on PPC

    Paul Mackerras (1):
    Update maintainers for powerpc

    Paul Moore (1):
    netlabel: Fix a problem when dumping the default IPv6 static labels

    Paul Mundt (1):
    lib: taint kernel in common report_bug() WARN path.

    Pavel Emelyanov (1):
    inet fragments: fix race between inet_frag_find and inet_frag_secret_rebuild

    Pavel Machek (1):
    Doc*/kernel-parameters.txt: fix stale references

    Pavel Roskin (2):
    hostap: don't report useless WDS frames by default
    hostap: fix sparse warnings

    Pekka Enberg (2):
    ipg: fix jumbo frame compilation
    ipg: use NULL, not zero, for pointers

    Peng Haitao (2):
    kernel/audit.c: nlh->nlmsg_type is gotten more than once
    remove useless argument type in audit_filter_user()

    Peter Zijlstra (1):
    mm: dirty page accounting vs VM_MIXEDMAP

    Philipp Zabel (2):
    w100fb: do not depend on SHARPSL
    w100fb: add 80 MHz modeline

    Pierre Ossman (1):
    mmc: don't use DMA on newer ENE controllers

    Rafael J. Wysocki (1):
    x86 ACPI: fix resume from suspend to RAM on uniprocessor x86-64

    Rainer Weikusat (1):
    af_unix: fix 'poll for write'/connected DGRAM sockets

    Raistlin (1):
    sched: fix divide error when trying to configure rt_period to zero

    Rajiv Andrade (1):
    Update MAINTAINERS file for the TPM device driver

    Ralf Baechle (1):
    [MIPS] Fix bug in atomic_sub_if_positive.

    Randy Dunlap (2):
    audit: fix kernel-doc parameter notation
    doc: doc maintainers

    Rene Herman (1):
    thermal: Create CONFIG_THERMAL_HWMON=n

    Richard Sharpe (1):
    firewire: fw-sbp2: fix parsing of logical unit directories

    Ron Rindjunsky (1):
    iwlwifi: improve scanning band selection management

    Russell King (1):
    [ARM] Export dma_sync_sg_for_device()

    Samuel Ortiz (1):
    MFD maintainer

    Sebastian Siewior (1):
    spi: fix the read path in spidev

    Sonic Zhang (1):
    Blackfin arch: fix bug - kernel boot fails when Spinlock and rw-lock debugging enabled

    Stefan Becker (1):
    USB: fix interrupt disabling for HCDs with shared interrupt handlers

    Stephen Hemminger (2):
    tcp: /proc/net/tcp rto,ato values not scaled properly (v2)
    ipv4: fix sysctl documentation of time related values

    Stephen M. Cameron (1):
    cciss: fix regression that no device nodes are created if no logical drives are configured.

    Stephen Rothwell (2):
    Introduce rculist.h
    cpumask: introduce new APIs

    Steven Rostedt (1):
    hrtimer: prevent migration for raising softirq

    Steven Toth (2):
    V4L/DVB (8096): au8522: prevent false-positive lock status
    V4L/DVB (8097): xc5000: check device hardware state to determine if firmware download is needed

    TAKADA Yoshihito (1):
    ptrace GET/SET FPXREGS broken

    Tejun Heo (6):
    sata_uli: hardreset is broken
    sata_sil24: add DID for another adaptec flavor
    ahci: always clear all bits in irq_stat
    libata-sff: improve HSM violation reporting
    pci: VT3336 can't do MSI either
    ahci: give another shot at clearing all bits in irq_stat

    Thara Gopinath (1):
    ARM: OMAP: Correcting the gpmc prefetch control register address

    Thomas Bogendoerfer (2):
    [MIPS] IP32: Fix unexpected irq 71
    [MIPS] IP22: Fix crashes due to wrong L1_CACHE_BYTES

    Thomas Gleixner (1):
    x86: fix NODES_SHIFT Kconfig range

    Tim Farrington (1):
    V4L/DVB (8048): saa7134: Fix entries for Avermedia A16d and Avermedia E506

    Tim Yamin (1):
    powerpc/mpc5200: Fix lite5200b suspend/resume

    Tomas Janousek (1):
    udf: Fix regression in UDF anchor block detection

    Tony Luck (1):
    [IA64] Bugfix for system with 32 cpus

    Tony Vroon (1):
    mac80211: implement EU regulatory domain

    Uli Luckas (1):
    [ARM] 5109/1: Mark rtc sa1100 driver as wakeup source before registering it

    Vegard Nossum (2):
    debugobjects: fix lockdep warning
    ACPI: don't walk tables if ACPI was disabled

    WANG Cong (1):
    pkt_sched: ERR_PTR() ususally encodes an negative errno, not positive.

    Wang Chen (4):
    netdevice: Fix typo of dev_unicast_add() comment
    netlink: Unneeded local variable
    net: Tyop of sk_filter() comment
    netdevice: Fix wrong string handle in kernel command line parsing

    Will Newton (1):
    sisusbvga: Fix oops on disconnect.

    Wolfram Sang (1):
    i2c: Fix bad hint about irqs in i2c.h

    YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (1):
    ipv6 route: Convert rt6_device_match() to use RT6_LOOKUP_F_xxx flags.

    Zhang, Yanmin (1):
    x86: fix cpu hotplug crash

    maximilian attems (1):
    hdaps: add support for various newer Lenovo thinkpads

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