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SubjectRe: commit a29ccf6f823a84d89e1c7aaaf221cf7282022024 break console on slackware 12.1
On 30-07-08 02:30, Grant Coady wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Jul 2008 17:03:47 -0700, Tim Bird <> wrote:
>> Marco Berizzi wrote:
>>> wrote:
>>>> You don't actually say whether you had CONFIG_CONSOLE_TRANSLATIONS=y or not?
>>> yes console_translation is set to yes. It cannot be changed if embedded is not
>>> set.
>> If console_translation is set to yes, the behavior should be unchanged from
>> 2.6.26. Can you please send me your .config?
>> Also, can you please describe what breakage you are seeing?
> I have the same issue, the line drawing characters are displayed as an odd
> looking C with a tail. Slackware-12.1 and Slamd64-12.1.
> .configs:

Sorry, didn't read the thread so just hoping to say something useful:

slackware 12.1 installes by default with "vt.default_utf8=0" as a kernel
param which may be involved here. I saw that picture that someone posted
and to me that was nothing new -- my console has always looked that way
if I set my locale to a UTF8 locale but do not change the console font.

"LANG=C menuconfig" works for me when I can't, won't or just don't start
X with it's terminals with UTF8 fonts...

Please just ignore if not a useful reply.


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