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Subjectcommit a29ccf6f823a84d89e1c7aaaf221cf7282022024 break console on slackware 12.1
Hi Folks,

reverting commit a29ccf6f823a84d89e1c7aaaf221cf7282022024
fix a problem with the text console on slackware 12.1

With 2.6.27-rc1/slackware 12.1, applications like
mc or 'make menuconfig' are broken on text console
(they are fine running inside an xterm).

Just for record: 2.6.26 is fine

a29ccf6f823a84d89e1c7aaaf221cf7282022024 is first bad commit
commit a29ccf6f823a84d89e1c7aaaf221cf7282022024
Author: David Woodhouse <>
Date: Tue Jun 3 14:59:40 2008 +0100

Make console charset translation optional

By turning off the new CONSOLE_TRANSLATIONS option and dropping the
associated code and tables from the kernel, we can save about 7KiB.

Taken from linux-tiny project by Tim Bird and mangled further by

Signed-off-by: Tim Bird <>
Signed-off-by: David Woodhouse <>

:040000 040000 4f86ab06f5af3f70d3b78c80ef60c38896c9bc1d
019444ec49f3251609c6e0b6046f2fb447f065e2 M drivers
:040000 040000 e7149976d981052a6787c6e8207b6205ade0f1f1
591a26addee0ba619d7d878967664dfba86b4f65 M include

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