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    SubjectLinux 2.6.26

    So it's been almost three months since 2.6.25 (87 days to be exact, I
    think), making this a longer-than-usual release cycle. Or maybe it just
    feels that way, and we're always getting close to three months these days.

    But it's out there now. Or rather, the git tree is out there, and the
    patch/tar-ball is still uploading as I write this.

    The diffs from -rc9 are pretty small, with with the bulk actually being
    Documentation updates (almost 80% is just added docs). The rest tensd to
    be one-liners for some regressions or otherwise pretty small patches.

    Several regressions did get fixed in the last few days, thanks to
    everybody involved.

    dirstat since -rc9:

    3.3% Documentation/networking/
    78.5% Documentation/
    2.5% arch/
    2.4% drivers/net/wireless/
    4.0% drivers/net/
    2.0% drivers/usb/host/
    2.1% drivers/usb/
    9.4% drivers/
    2.0% fs/
    3.6% net/

    and dirstat for the whole release since 2.6.25 (yeah, Documentation
    doesn't even show up in the latter :^):

    4.9% arch/arm/
    9.0% arch/powerpc/configs/
    11.8% arch/powerpc/
    28.7% arch/
    5.0% drivers/media/video/
    9.2% drivers/media/
    5.5% drivers/net/sk98lin/
    6.6% drivers/net/wireless/
    17.8% drivers/net/
    4.8% drivers/s390/net/
    5.3% drivers/s390/
    49.7% drivers/
    6.4% include/
    5.1% net/

    Have fun,


    Alan Stern (1):
    [SCSI] erase invalid data returned by device

    Alessandro Zummo (1):
    rtc-fm3130: fix chip naming

    Andres Salomon (1):
    ov7670: clean up ov7670_read semantics

    Andrew Morton (1):
    tcp: net/ipv4/tcp.c needs linux/scatterlist.h

    Andrey Vagin (1):
    ipv6: fix race between ipv6_del_addr and DAD timer

    Anthony Liguori (1):
    x86: KVM guest: Add memory clobber to hypercalls

    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (2):
    ide: add __ide_default_irq() inline helper
    it8213: fix return value in it8213_init_one()

    Ben Hutchings (1):
    ipv4: fib_trie: Fix lookup error return

    Benjamin Herrenschmidt (1):
    powerpc: Fix unterminated of_device_id array in legacy_serial.c

    Brian King (1):
    [SCSI] ipr: Fix HDIO_GET_IDENTITY oops for SATA devices

    Dan Williams (1):
    md: ensure all blocks are uptodate or locked when syncing

    Daniel Guilak (3):
    kernel/printk.c: Made printk_recursion_bug_msg static.
    kernel/kprobes.c: Made kprobe_blacklist static.
    arch/x86/kernel/.gitignore: Added to .gitignore file because it shouldn't be tracked.

    Darren Jenkins (4):
    drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi/iwl-3945.c Fix type issue on 64bit
    crypto: tcrypt - Fix memory leak in test_cipher
    drivers/char/pcmcia/ipwireless/hardware.c fix resource leak
    drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_common.c fix small resource leak

    Dave Chinner (1):
    Fix reference counting race on log buffers

    David Gibson (1):
    Correct hash flushing from huge_ptep_set_wrprotect()

    David Howells (2):
    netfilter: nf_nat_snmp_basic: fix a range check in NAT for SNMP
    frv: fix irqs_disabled() to return an int, not an unsigned long

    Denis V. Lunev (2):
    netlabel: netlink_unicast calls kfree_skb on error path by itself
    ipv6: missed namespace context in ipv6_rthdr_rcv

    Dmitry Adamushko (3):
    sched: fix cpu hotplug
    slub: Fix use-after-preempt of per-CPU data structure
    cpusets, hotplug, scheduler: fix scheduler domain breakage

    Eric W. Biederman (1):
    serial8250: sanity check nr_uarts on all paths.

    Eugene Surovegin (1):
    rapidio: fix device reference counting

    Firat Birlik (1):
    zd1211rw: add ID for AirTies WUS-201

    Guy Cohen (1):
    mac80211: move netif_carrier_on to after ieee80211_bss_info_change_notify

    Herbert Xu (1):
    crypto: chainiv - Invoke completion function

    Hugh Dickins (1):
    exec: fix stack excutability without PT_GNU_STACK

    Ihar Hrachyshka (1):
    libertas: fix memory alignment problems on the blackfin

    Ivo van Doorn (2):
    mac80211: Only flush workqueue when last interface was removed
    rt2x00: Disable synchronization during initialization

    J. Bruce Fields (1):
    Documentation: clarify tcp_{r,w}mem sysctl docs

    James Bottomley (3):
    [SCSI] mptspi: fix oops in mptspi_dv_renegotiate_work()
    [SCSI] fusion: default MSI to disabled for SPI and FC controllers
    [SCSI] bsg: fix oops on remove

    Jan-Bernd Themann (3):
    ehea: fix might sleep problem
    ehea: fix race condition

    Jaya Kumar (1):
    fbdev: bugfix for multiprocess defio

    Jeff Dike (1):
    [UML] fix gcc ICEs and unresolved externs

    Jeff Layton (2):
    cifs: fix inode leak in cifs_get_inode_info_unix
    cifs: fix wksidarr declaration to be big-endian friendly

    Jeff Mahoney (1):
    reiserfs: discard prealloc in reiserfs_delete_inode

    Jesse Barnes (1):
    Revert "PCI: Correct last two HP entries in the bfsort whitelist"

    Jiri Pirko (1):
    Documentation/HOWTO: correct wrong kernel bugzilla FAQ URL

    John W. Linville (1):
    hostap_cs: correct poor NULL checks in suspend/resume routines

    Jon Smirl (1):
    rtc-pcf8563: add chip id

    Julius Volz (1):
    irda: Fix netlink error path return value

    Kai Krakow (1):
    Added Targa Visionary 1000 IDE adapter to pata_sis.c

    Krzysztof Halasa (1):
    Add missing skb->dev assignment in Frame Relay RX code

    Laurent Pinchart (1):
    fs_enet: restore promiscuous and multicast settings in restart()

    Li Zefan (2):
    devcgroup: always show positive major/minor num
    devcgroup: fix permission check when adding entry to child cgroup

    Linus Torvalds (7):
    Revert "USB: don't explicitly reenable root-hub status interrupts"
    vsprintf: split out '%s' handling logic
    vsprintf: split out '%p' handling logic
    vsprintf: add infrastructure support for extended '%p' specifiers
    vsprintf: add support for '%pS' and '%pF' pointer formats
    sched: fix cpu hotplug, cleanup
    Linux 2.6.26

    Luis Carlos Cobo (1):
    zd1211rw: stop beacons on remove_interface

    Marcin Obara (1):
    tpm: add Intel TPM TIS device HID

    Mark Fasheh (1):
    ocfs2: Fix flags in ocfs2_file_lock

    Mark McLoughlin (1):
    KVM: IOAPIC: Fix level-triggered irq injection hang

    Mark Rustad (1):
    IPMI: return correct value from ipmi_write

    Mattias Nissler (1):
    rc80211_pid: Fix fast_start parameter handling

    Max Krasnyansky (1):
    tun: Persistent devices can get stuck in xoff state

    Michael Buesch (1):
    ssb-pcicore: Fix IRQ-vector init on embedded devices

    Michael Karcher (1):
    x86: fix ldt limit for 64 bit

    Milton Miller (1):
    tcp: correct kcalloc usage

    Nick Piggin (2):
    [S390] protect _PAGE_SPECIAL bit against mprotect

    Octavian Purdila (1):
    tcp: fix a size_t < 0 comparison in tcp_read_sock

    Oliver Hartkopp (1):
    can: add sanity checks

    Patrick McHardy (2):
    bridge: fix use-after-free in br_cleanup_bridges()
    netfilter: nf_conntrack_tcp: fix endless loop

    Paul Gortmaker (1):
    rtc: fix reported IRQ rate for when HPET is enabled

    Philipp Zabel (1):
    pxamci: fix byte aligned DMA transfers

    Rick Farrington (1):
    iwlwifi: fix incorrect 5GHz rates reported in monitor mode

    Robert Richter (1):
    OProfile kernel maintainership changes

    Roland Dreier (2):
    ehea: Access iph->tot_len with correct endianness
    pasemi_mac: Access iph->tot_len with correct endianness

    Sathya Narayanan (2):
    ibm_newemac: Fixes kernel crashes when speed of cable connected changes
    ibm_newemac: Fixes entry of short packets

    Sergei Shtylyov (1):
    palm_bk3710: fix IDECLK period calculation

    Shane McDonald (1):
    [MIPS] Atlas, decstation: Fix section mismatches triggered by defconfigs

    Steffen Klassert (1):
    xfrm: Add a XFRM_STATE_AF_UNSPEC flag to xfrm_usersa_info

    Stephen Hemminger (1):
    ip: sysctl documentation cleanup

    Steve Wise (1):
    RDMA/cxgb3: Fix regression caused by class_device -> device conversion

    Steven Rostedt (1):
    ftrace: Documentation

    Sunil Mushran (1):
    ocfs2/dlm: Fixes oops in dlm_new_lockres()

    Takashi Iwai (1):
    Fix broken fix for fsl-diu-db

    Tejun Heo (1):
    libata-acpi: filter out DIPM enable

    Thomas Bogendoerfer (1):
    [MIPS] Fix 32bit kernels on R4k with 128 byte cache line size

    Tobias Diedrich (1):
    forcedeth: fix lockdep warning on ethtool -s

    Trond Myklebust (3):
    NFS: Fix readdir cache invalidation
    SUNRPC: Fix a double-free in rpcbind
    SUNRPC: Fix an rpcbind breakage for the case of IPv6 lookups

    Uwe Kleine-König (1):
    Fix name of Russell King in various comments

    Venkatesh Pallipadi (1):
    x86: fix /dev/mem compatibility under PAT

    Ville Syrjala (1):
    irda: New device ID for nsc-ircc

    Vitaly Bordug (1):
    powerpc: Add missing reference to coherent_dma_mask

    Vlad Yasevich (2):
    sctp: Mark the tsn as received after all allocations finish
    sctp: Add documentation for sctp sysctl variable

    Vladimir Koutny (1):
    mac80211: don't report selected IBSS when not found

    Wang Chen (1):
    irda: via-ircc proper dma freeing

    Zhang Rui (1):
    libata-acpi: don't call sleeping function from invalid context

    Zhu Yi (1):
    iwlwifi: drop skb silently for Tx request in monitor mode (1):
    libertas: support USB persistence on suspend/resume (resend)
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