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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.26-rc4

> > 4) if i try to run some sudo command it gets stuck (Crtl +C doesnt' help)
> > "ip route" gets stuck too. User programs i tried wrok fine (only ls and
> > htop). Network realted problem?
> I assume it's related to the oops above - the oops probably happened while
> holding some mutex or other lock, which is why network-related stuff then
> blocks on that lock (which will never be released, since the oops killed
> the process that held it).

rtnl, in fact, I suspect.

> I suspect the oops is also why the bootup breaks, so it's likely all the
> same issue. Please save the dmesg into a file, reboot into a working
> setup, and send that. Along with hw information (it's likely related to
> your network device driver, since I've not seen an uproar of these kinds
> of problems from everybody else..).

Actually, please apply the patch "rt2x00: Use atomic interface
iteration in irq context" before trying anything more, that'll fix it.
I'm not sure where Linville is hiding ;)


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