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    Subject[PATCH 000 of 10] md: Various bug fixes and small improvements for md in 2.6.26-rc
    Following are a collection of 10 patches for md/raid that are suitable
    for 2.6.26-rc. They are ordered roughly from simple to more complex with
    serious bugfixes possibly getting elevated in the sort order.


    [PATCH 000 of 10] md: Introduction EXPLAIN PATCH SET HERE
    [PATCH 001 of 10] md: Fix possible oops when removing a bitmap from an active array
    [PATCH 002 of 10] md: proper extern for mdp_major
    [PATCH 003 of 10] md: kill file_path wrapper
    [PATCH 004 of 10] md: md: raid5 rate limit error printk
    [PATCH 005 of 10] md: raid1: Fix restoration of bio between failed read and write.
    [PATCH 006 of 10] md: Notify userspace on 'write-pending' changes to array_state
    [PATCH 007 of 10] md: notify userspace on 'stop' events
    [PATCH 008 of 10] md: Improve setting of "events_cleared" for write-intent bitmaps.
    [PATCH 009 of 10] md: Allow parallel resync of md-devices.
    [PATCH 010 of 10] md: Restart recovery cleanly after device failure.

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