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    Subject[RFC Patch 0/1] Enhancements to 'trace' infrastructure
    Hi All,
    Please review the following patch which introduces two new
    interfaces to output data using 'trace' infrastructure. These interfaces
    can be used to print directly onto a debugfs mount. Since it uses 'trace'
    interface underneath the directory and file structures are as created by

    The proposed debugfs_* interfaces are meant to overcome the need to
    setup/tear-down 'trace' infrastructure by the user. In addition to this
    the patches help in:

    a) Printing out data into a debugfs mounted file without bothering about
    creating/re-using debugfs files, sizes of intermediate buffers, etc.
    (This is achieved through the functions init_trace_interface() and
    b) Provide interfaces to do i)string output or ii)binary dump of data
    c) Tear-down of the trace infrastructure through a single function call
    using its parent directory name, and unmindful of the internal data
    structures such as 'struct trace_info'.(using trace_cleanup_all)
    d) The debugfs_printk_data may be further enhanced to provide features
    suh as the ability to invoke pre- and post- printing callback functions
    For e.g. A callback function to obtain a given lock before printing out
    a given data, etc.

    A quick look at samples/trace/fork_trace.c would help understand what is
    required to get data out using the 'trace' infrastructure (vs the
    proposed interfaces which have been exemplified in

    The patches are based against 2.6.25-rc8-mm1 and have been tested on an
    i386 machine.


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