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SubjectInfiniBand/iWARP/RDMA merge plans for 2.6.26 (what's in infiniband.git)
The 2.6.26 will open soon, so it's time to review what my plans are
for the merge window opens.

As usual, patch review by non-me people is always welcome.

Anyway, here are all the pending things that I'm aware of. As usual,
if something isn't already in my tree and isn't listed below, I
probably missed it or dropped it by mistake. Please remind me again
in that case.


- I did a bunch of cleanups all over drivers/infiniband and the
gcc and sparse warning noise is down to a pretty reasonable level.
Further cleanups welcome of course.


- I merged Eli's IPoIB stateless offload changes for checksum
offload and LSO changes. The interrupt moderation changes are
next, and should not be a problem to merge. Please test IPoIB
on all sorts of hardware!

- Shirley's IPoIB 4 KB MTU changes. I expect these to make it in,
although I would certainly appreciate review from Eli or anyone else.

HW specific:

- Vlad's mlx4 resize CQ support. Looks basically OK, so I think we
should be able to get it in.

- ipath support for 7220 HCAs. I don't expect any issues here once
the patches appear.

Here are a few topics that I believe will not be ready in time for the
2.6.26 window and will need to wait for 2.6.27 at least:

- XRC. I still don't have a good feeling that we have settled on all
the nuances of the ABI we want to expose to userspace for this, and
ideally I would like to understand how ehca LL QPs fit into the
picture as well.

- Remove LLTX from IPoIB. I haven't had time to finish this yet, so
I guess it will probably wait for 2.6.27 now...

- Multiple CQ event vector support. I still haven't seen any
discussions about how ULPs or userspace apps should decide which
vector to use, and hence no progress has been made since we
deferred this during the 2.6.23 merge window.

Here all the patches I already have in my for-2.6.26 branch:

Arthur Jones (4):
IB/ipath: Fix sparse warning about pointer signedness
IB/ipath: Misc sparse warning cleanup
IB/ipath: Provide I/O bus speeds for diagnostic purposes
IB/ipath: Fix link up LED display

Dave Olson (4):
IB/ipath: Make some constants chip-specific, related cleanup
IB/ipath: Shared context code needs to be sure device is usable
IB/ipath: Enable 4KB MTU
IB/ipath: HW workaround for case where chip can send but not receive

David Dillow (1):
IB/srp: Enforce protocol limit on srp_sg_tablesize

Eli Cohen (7):
IPoIB: Use checksum offload support if available
IB/mlx4: Add IPoIB checksum offload support
IB/mthca: Add IPoIB checksum offload support
IB/core: Add creation flags to struct ib_qp_init_attr
IB/core: Add IPoIB UD LSO support
IPoIB: Add LSO support
IB/mlx4: Add IPoIB LSO support

Harvey Harrison (1):
IB: Replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences with __func__

Hoang-Nam Nguyen (1):
IB/ehca: Remove tgid checking

John Gregor (1):
IB/ipath: Head of Line blocking vs forward progress of user apps

Julia Lawall (1):
RDMA/iwcm: Test rdma_create_id() for IS_ERR rather than 0

Michael Albaugh (2):
IB/ipath: Prevent link-recovery code from negating admin disable
IB/ipath: EEPROM support for 7220 devices, robustness improvements, cleanup

Ralph Campbell (11):
IB/ipath: Fix byte order of pioavail in handle_errors()
IB/ipath: Fix error recovery for send buffer status after chip freeze mode
IB/ipath: Don't try to handle freeze mode HW errors if diagnostic mode
IB/ipath: Make debug error message match the constraint that is checked for
IB/ipath: Add code to support multiple link speeds and widths
IB/ipath: Remove useless comments
IB/ipath: Fix sanity checks on QP number of WRs and SGEs
IB/ipath: Change the module author
IB/ipath: Remove some useless (void) casts
IB/ipath: Make send buffers available for kernel if not allocated to user
IB/ipath: Use PIO buffer for RC ACKs

Robert P. J. Day (2):
IB: Use shorter list_splice_init() for brevity
RDMA/nes: Use more concise list_for_each_entry()

Roland Dreier (28):
IB/mthca: Formatting cleanups
IB/mlx4: Convert "if(foo)" to "if (foo)"
mlx4_core: Move opening brace of function onto a new line
RDMA/amso1100: Don't use 0UL as a NULL pointer
RDMA/cxgb3: IDR IDs are signed
IB: Make struct a signed int
IB/ipath: Fix sparse warning about shadowed symbol
IB/mlx4: Endianness annotations
IB/cm: Endianness annotations
RDMA/ucma: Endian annotation
RDMA/nes: Trivial endianness annotations
RDMA/nes: Delete unused variables
RDMA/amso1100: Start of endianness annotation
RDMA/amso1100: Endian annotate mqsq allocator
mlx4_core: Fix confusion between mlx4_event and mlx4_dev_event enums
IB/uverbs: Don't store struct file * for event files
IB/uverbs: Use alloc_file() instead of get_empty_filp()
RDMA/nes: Remove redundant NULL check in nes_unregister_ofa_device()
RDMA/nes: Remove unused nes_netdev_exit() function
RDMA/nes: Use proper format and cast to print dma_addr_t
RDMA/nes: Make symbols used only in a single source file static
IB/ehca: Make symbols used only in a single source file static
IB/core: Add support for "send with invalidate" work requests
RDMA/amso1100: Add support for "send with invalidate" work requests
IB/mthca: Avoid integer overflow when dealing with profile size
IB/mthca: Avoid integer overflow when allocating huge ICM table
IB/ipath: Fix PCI config write size used to clear linkctrl error bits
RDMA/nes: Remove session_id from nes_cm stuff

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