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SubjectTwo comments on menuconfig usability
Hi all, [please to CC me]

There's two things I want to comment on regarding menuconfig:

1) I know of the purpose of oldconfig, but I prefer using menuconfig for
upgrading to newer kernel versions, because most of the time, I would select
the standard options for new features anyway. menuconfig has the "(NEW)"
string at the end of a feature's description. However, I find that hard to
see among all the names of various lenghts. My proposal would be to have
an "N" or a "NEW" appear to the _left_ of the selection boxes, so that,
browsing through the menus, one could more easily spot the interesting

2) When selecting "Ralink driver support" (CONFIG_RT2X00), the accompanying
drivers (CONFIG_RT2400PCI, CONFIG_RT61PC, ...) appear unindented. They should
be indented by four spaces.


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