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SubjectRe: Tabs, spaces, indent and 80 character lines
Richard Knutsson <> writes:

>> I guess we could use tabs only at the line start, for indentation
>> only. Rather hard to implement, most text editors can't do that yet.
> You mean for split lines?

Syntactic indentation vs alignment (including comments after
non-blank, values for struct initialization etc, split lines too).

> Hopefully there won't be that many, so there
> is just to delete the tabs it added and replace it with spaces.

Actually tabs "should" be used for indentation at start of the
line, then spaces. "Ideally" :-)

I.e., something like
<TAB> if (cond && (cond2 ||
<TAB> _____________cond3))
<TAB> <TAB> do_something();

Underline = space.

Perhaps some day...

> Exactly! But then we can remove the "we use 8 wide tabs in the kernel"
> in CodeStyle.

I'm not sure it's practically possible now.

>> Unpacked sources will be much bigger with not tabs, sure.
> Without no tabs at all, you mean?

With spaces in place of all tabs.

All tabs converted to spaces = 20% more?
"Alignment" tabs converted to spaces? How cares how much more would it
take if it's the correct thing. Except that it's not very practical at
this point.
Krzysztof Halasa

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