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SubjectRe: Tabs, spaces, indent and 80 character lines

On Feb 25 2008 23:13, Richard Knutsson wrote:
> Miles Bader wrote:
>> Why do people even respond to these trolls...?
> Obviously, this must to have been discussed before, with a clear conclusion.

It has been discussed before, at .

What is really frustrating is that some of the people which _do_
enforce one style of the two (tabs-only or tabs-spaces) have only
indirectly voiced their preferred style, as in .

Often it was just (1)"checkpatch flagged your spaces, hence they are
wrong" instead of (2)"in my tree, I only take tabs-only patches".

Now back to coding, oh and don't forget send a patch for CodingStyle
since a mail without one is often taken even less seriously.

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