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SubjectRe: Question about your git habits
2008/2/23, Chase Venters <> wrote:
> ... blablabla
> My question is: If you're working on multiple things at once, do you tend to
> clone the entire repository repeatedly into a series of separate working
> directories and do your work there, then pull that work (possibly comprising
> a series of "temporary" commits) back into a separate local master
> respository with --squash, either into "master" or into a branch containing
> the new feature?
> ... blablabla
> I'm using git to manage my project and I'm trying to determine the most
> optimal workflow I can. I figure that I'm going to have an "official" master
> repository for the project, and I want to keep the revision history clean in
> that repository (ie, no messy intermediate commits that don't compile or only
> implement a feature half way).

I recomend you to use these complementary tools

1. google: gitk screenshots ( e.g. )

2. google: "git-gui" screenshots
( e.g. )

3. google: gitweb color meld


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