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SubjectRe: Question about your git habits
Daniel Barkalow wrote:
> I find that the sequence of changes I make is pretty much unrelated to the
> sequence of changes that end up in the project's history, because my
> changes as I make them involve writing a lot of stubs (so I can build) and
> then filling them out. It's beneficial to have version control on this so
> that, if I screw up filling out a stub, I can get back to where I was.
> Having made a complete series, I then generate a new series of commits,
> each of which does one thing, without any bugs that I've resolved, such
> that the net result is the end of the messy history, except with any
> debugging or useless stuff skipped. It's this series that gets merged into
> the project history, and I discard the other history.
> The real trick is that the early patches in a lot of series often refactor
> existing code in ways that are generally good and necessary for your
> eventual outcome, but which you'd never think of until you've written more
> of the series.

That summarizes well how I do original development, too. Whether its a
branch of an existing repo, or a newly cloned repo, when working on new
code I will do a first pass, committing as I go to provide useful

Once I reach a satisfactory state, I'll refactor the patches so that
they make sense for upstream submission.


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