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    SubjectRe: [ata crash] Re: Linux 2.6.25-rc1

    * Arjan van de Ven <> wrote:

    > btw this one was featured in the weekly bug top 10.. it's a rather
    > popular thing to happen.

    i didnt get very far with bisection. .23 definitely did not crash and
    booted up fine - but it produced the "Bad IO ..." messages - so my
    automated bisector scripts which turned that warning into a crash&reboot
    honed in on the wrong (and probably uninteresting) area. .24 had
    timeouts but no crash. .25-rc1 had the crash. So it seems like multiple
    IDE regressions building up a concert of failures here, and it's hard to
    sort them out.

    If an IDE/PATA/SATA person could take a look at the various logs i
    posted and could suggest the most efficient way to proceed it could save
    me from having to blindly spend hours on this problem.


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