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Subject[PATCH] hid, 2.6.23 - add support for new macbook and apple aluminum keyboard "fn" key
Hello list.

Seeking feedback for this patch which adds support for the "fn" key on
the new macbook (3,1) and apple aluminum keyboard.

I have tested this with kernel 2.6.23 (both and
under Fedora 8 and it seems to work for me.

The original patch was created by Martin Szulecki (of mactel-linux) and
Chris Irwin. I can't take any credit - I've just found that it works
and would like to see it tested and committed upstream if possible.

I am linking to the patch because a) its quite long, and b) I am not
sure how to prevent thunderbird from wrapping the lines and I'd hate to
annoy the list with some malformed garbage.

Patch is here:


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