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SubjectXFS corruption on ARM

there was a thread[0] on this list in 2008-10 about XFS corrupting
rather quickly on recent ARM kernels, which seems to have petered out
without any apparent results. I'm still seeing the same problems with
2.6.28, and I suspect that this qualifies as a kind of regression
(though ancient), since the devices I'm running this on (Buffalo
LinkStations) originally ship with a (vendor-modified) 2.6.16 kernel,
where XFS seems to be working.

Is this still on anyone's radar? I'm willing to test proposed fixes and
supply data[1], but lack any deep knowledge of either ARM or XFS internals.

(Please Cc: me, I'm not on the list.)

[1] Though mine doesn't look any different from what was posted in [0]
to the little-trained eye.

[*Thomas Themel*]
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