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    SubjectRe: Toggling GPIO at 38Khz
    "Jon Smirl" <> writes:

    > These are external boards people buy to use with MythTV. They are most
    > commonly used on the x86, but the NSLU2 has been modified to use them
    > too.
    > The hardware can't be changed, people have bought thousands of these devices.
    > Many people cut up a serial cable and solder it themselves...

    Sure but you only need to bit-bang at 36 or so kHz while transmitting,
    right? The receive side is a slow one as the receiver chip has an
    integrated "demodulator".

    If so then personally... I'd abandon the simple TX circuit, and use
    a hardware ~36 kHz oscillator, gated by the serial output signal.
    I don't think such transmitters are in thousands. Tens, maybe - the
    cost of replacing/modifying them all should be insignificant. I guess
    one could design and produce such a TXer in less than 20 minutes.
    Krzysztof Halasa

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