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    Subjectinvalid default values in RTC chip

    My question relates to RTC driver linux/drivers/rtc/rtc-ds1307.c for
    device m41t00. Driver probe function will fail if some of the chip's
    registers contain invalid date time values i.e. if month register is 32
    or minutes is 61. Is this correct behavior? Probe function's purpose is
    to check if the device is as was assumed (this time RTC and it is). The
    chip's values are incorrect but the chip works, even the m41t00 chip
    manual states that after initial powerup (RTC battery power applied)
    internal registers will contain random data.

    There are two solutions first is driver patch and another is i2c-dev and
    i2cset tool to use from user space during bootup. Whitch one should be used?

    PS. please add me to CC also.


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