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    SubjectRe: Kbuild update


    >TODO items (from my mailbox - I have plenty more)
    >- asm-offset useable from modules (Oleg had a half backed solution)
    >- modpost should use err(), warn() etc (suggestyed by Rusty)
    >- less kernel hardcoding in kconfig (Rob Landley)
    >- emit dependencies from "depends" (Bernhard Fischer)
    >- fix select (whatever that means)
    >- allow kconfig to accept overrides (Jan Engelhart)
    > maybe there is a patch, needs followup
    >- document kernel build better (Andreas Hermann)
    > just a start, more is needed
    >- save ARCH and CROSSCOMPILE
    > requires major surgery to do correct - we use CC too early
    >- i18n patch for mconf and friends (from Kernel Translator project)
    > is old but several bits of it needs to be applied to better support i18n

    Hmm, I glanced at that project. It's old and seems freezed now.
    I don't know if people still have interests in the i18n of kconfig.
    If so, I think I can help with the Chinese part. ;)

    >- i18n support in kernel
    > some like it, others don't. But now we have japanese versions of some docs...

    Well, in fact, we've already had some Chinese docs too. ;)
    Just have a look at Documentation/zh_CN/.

    >- use GCC --combine (David Woodhouse)
    >- more color themes (Jan Engelhart)
    > and I would like them selectable from inside menuconfig
    >- walk throug the ~15 qconf related patched - are they relevant?
    >- document use of __init and related sections
    >- Use seperate sections for all init sections to improve checking
    >- improve headers_check (10x speed up is possible by doing a dir-by-dir check)
    >7103 NEW 2.6.17.* initramfs problem
    >3174 ASSI 2.6.7 make rpm creates erroneous version number
    >3486 ASSI 2.6.4-52 "make clean" on external driver will clean the kernel sou...
    >6860 ASSI 2.6.18-rc1 'make deb-pkg' create incorrect package name
    >7042 ASSI Recursing into /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build infects my b...
    >8275 ASSI 2.6.21-rc5-g28d... make rpm-pkg broken for git cloned sources

    I will take a look at the problems and see if I can help you.


    >Note: The kbuild stuff is done only in my spare time and
    > with 3 kids, a wife and a full-time job I am often lacking behind.

    Thanks for your work, Sam!

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