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    SubjectRe: [patch 10/19] No Reclaim LRU Infrastructure
    Hi Rik

    > +config NORECLAIM
    > + bool "Track non-reclaimable pages (EXPERIMENTAL; 64BIT only)"
    > + depends on EXPERIMENTAL && 64BIT
    > + help
    > + Supports tracking of non-reclaimable pages off the [in]active lists
    > + to avoid excessive reclaim overhead on large memory systems. Pages
    > + may be non-reclaimable because: they are locked into memory, they
    > + are anonymous pages for which no swap space exists, or they are anon
    > + pages that are expensive to unmap [long anon_vma "related vma" list.]

    Why do you select to default is NO ?
    I think this is really improvement and no one of 64bit user
    hope turn off without NORECLAIM developer :)

    - kosaki

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