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SubjectRe: [patch 1/6] Linux Kernel Markers - Architecture Independent Code
 > > Anybody got a proposed scheme for the case where somebody like myself
> > who is *not* a member of the Maintainer Cabal has looked at a patch, and
> > found a valid show-stopper that's bigger than just whitespace (breaks on
> > 64-bit, locking issues, etc), or other commentary that *should* be addressed
> > before it gets merged? I'd like *some* way to tag a patch with "I had an
> > issue with V1, but the author addressed it to my satisfaction in V2"....

> I think that'd be Reviewed-By. While you are not part of the smokey room
> cabal you have shown technical expertise in various areas so it seems
> perfectly fine to have reviewed-by from you. The fix vs a previous version
> should probably be just in the text with a paragraph ala:

> Issue blah in a previous version as found by Valdis Kletnieks has been fixed
> by doing foo.

At ksummit Andrew also mentioned including a link to the relevant
mailing list discussion too, and I think this would be a good example
of when that would be useful.

- R.
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