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    SubjectRe: Linux, 2.6.23-rc5, powersaving degradation, (time spend in C0 goes up after a while)
    On Sun, 2 Sep 2007 19:40:38 +0200
    Christian Leber <> wrote:

    > Hello,
    > I have observed some oddness in the powersaving behavior in rc5 and
    > the rcs before and i suspect this may be scheduler related.
    > After booting or resuming from drisk or ram(!) the wakeups are about
    > 45 per second (about 1% C0 (cpu runng)) and after
    > about half an hour to hours of doing nothing with the laptop besides
    > having a powertop in konsole the wakeups rise to about 6200 and the
    > cpu is running 55% of the time.
    > (with rc3 this was odder, it took three time pretty exactly 43min
    > until this occured)
    > I appended the output of powertop and the .config.
    > But powertop doesn't even show the reason for the wakeups, probably
    > they don't exist, but the power usage really goes up.
    > The hardware is btw. Dell latitude d830 (intel T7300, intel wlan and
    > gfx)

    can you give us an lspci -vvxx of the system when it's in this "bad"
    state? We have a very vague suspicion on something like this, the lspci
    would help us a lot (this is a really rare thing that we can't really
    reproduce, but it has been reported a few times before)
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