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SubjectRe: Wasting our Freedom
On Thursday 13 September 2007, Jason Dixon wrote:
> It boggles my mind that we can lie around complacently, arguing about
>   installer menus and taking the bait from trolls, while our freedoms
> are quickly eroding away.  The rights and recognition of one of our
> own developers (reyk@) have been molested, and all we've done as a
> community is to participate in useless flames and blog postings. Theo
> has thrown himself, once again, against the spears of the Linux
> community and their legal vultures in order to protect our software
> freedoms.  How many of us can say we've done our part to defend truly
> Free Software?
> You don't have to be a lawyer or OpenBSD developer to make a  
> difference.  Email the SFLC and FSF and remind them that Free  
> Software consists of more than the almighty penguin.  OpenBSD is  
> arguably the most Free and Open operating system available anywhere.
>   The SFLC and FSF need to remember that they were created to protect
> victims, not thieves.
> Your donations are important for keeping the servers running, but  
> your voice is necessary for keeping our freedom alive.
> Contacts:
> Eben Moglen -
> Lawrence Lessig -
> Bradley M. Kuhn -
> Matt Norwood -

Hi Jason,

I admire your intentions but there are a few things which you need to
understand a bit better. First off, I do not know Lawrence Lessig or
his involvement, so I do not understand how he made your list.

On the other hand, Eben Moglen is arrogant and unscrupulous. His stated
goal is to steal as much software as possible and put it under the GPL
even when doing so is illegal. If you give him a valid and sound
argument why the "legal advice" he has given is obviously illegal, the
very most you will get from him is a facetious reply asking where you
are licensed to practice law. -I know this from experience because it
is the exact reply I got from him after emailing him this:

Whether they realize it or not, the other two clowns on your list,
Bradley M. Kuhn and Matt Norwood (as well as Richard Fontana and Karen
Sandler who also signed off on it) are really nothing than expendable
cannon fodder for the FSF war against reality. Eben being crafty and
cowardly, he decided not to put his name on the list of FSF lawyers
signing off on the code theft. Since anyone could easily complain to
the Bar Association about lawyers giving out bogus legal advice, and
possibly cause them to be disbarred, cowardly Eben is letting others
take the fall.
Signed-Off-By: Bradley M. Kuhn <>
Signed-Off-By: Matt Norwood <>
Signed-Off-By: Richard Fontana <>
Signed-Off-By: Karen Sandler <>

Most of us are also aware of the instance where OpenBSD took some GPL
code and replaced the license with BSD. What OpenBSD did in that cases
was just as illegal, just as immoral and just as wrong but it was
corrected when it was discovered in one of the dev branches of cvs.

In the case of Ryek's code, the reverse is true but instead of admitting
the mistake and making the needed corrections, FSF has pulled out their
lawyers in hopes of getting away with the theft. All of this is being
done *intentionally* in hopes that no one will put up a fight.

Would Linus put up a fight if someone took his source tree and
relicensed the whole thing as GPLv3 without his permission? Yep, you
betcha he'd fight and he has already had to put up with a lot of strong
arm nonsense from the GPLv3/FSF zealots.

The main thing you need to grasp Jason is the people behind the illegal
license replacements are doing it *intentionally* so voicing your
concerns to them will fall on deaf ears. I'm cc'ing all of them not
merely for the antagonistic pleasure but because I want them to know
that people do see past their shifty, illegal and immoral ways. Their
modus operandi is very simple; keep stealing code until they get
busted, go to court, and then go back to stealing as much code as

All of their nonsense marketing about freedom and fairness is nothing
more than a lie to cover their real intentions; enforcing the
insane "share or be punished" manifesto of their delusional and
deranged leader Richard Stallman.

"If programmers deserve to be rewarded for creating innovative
programs, by the same token they deserve to be punished if they
restrict the use of these programs."

The "GNU Manifesto" by Richard Stallman can be found here:

If Stallman actually believed a word of what he wrote above, he would
still be dedicating all of his works to the public domain since it
would have no restrictions. In short, Stallman is a liar. Stallman may
be intelligent, persuasive and deceptive but he is neither rational nor
wise. A rational man knows deceiving or forcing people to share will
only causes resentment, and a wise man knows that the true value of
sharing is best taught by example and is corrupted when taught by force
or deception.

I wish it was otherwise but they insist on pushing their forced-sharing
agenda in every manner possible until someone fights back. As sad is it
might seem, the only "reason" they will listen to is what they know and
teach, namely force; a court decision awarding punitive damages for
criminal infringement and getting all of their incompetent and
unscrupulous lawyers disbarred.

Jason, if they really insist on having a brawl, then it's time to take
the gloves off, kick their ass in German court where copyright
infringement is a criminal offense, and then break their legal fangs so
they never try it again. It will be a very sad loss for everyone.

Yes, I can reasonably expect to get plenty of vitriolic hate mail from
all the "true believers" on the linux kernel mailing list an elsewhere
who think the above is a troll worthy of it's own bridge. None the less
I'm tired of watching Stallman, Moglen and other charismatic, deceptive
nutjobs hand you little cups of koolaid as "practice runs" in the form
of new versions of the GPL and each time you drink it down without a
second thought... -I hope you learn to think twice about it, and
reading a bit of history about cult figures will do you some good:

kind regards,
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