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    SubjectSleep problems with kernels >= 2.6.21 on powerpc

    Unfortunately, it seems that kernels later than 2.6.21 have problems
    letting my powerpc iBook (G3 processor) going to sleep (suspend to

    The userland that I am using is a Debian testing (lenny) and the
    default kernel that comes with it is 2.6.22, with some patches applied
    and pbbuttonsd (as the daemon for making the machine sleep).

    With kernel 2.6.21, from Debian (and other earlier kernels), the
    symptoms that I see when I press the power button is that the machine
    goes to sleep and the led that indicates that the machine is sleeping
    is blinking normally.

    If I, on the other hand, use Debian's kernel 2.6.22 or compile my own
    kernel with just the necessary parts for my work (version 2.6.23-rc3
    taken from, then I can't make the machine sleep: when I
    press the button, it acts like if I had, in sequence, pressed anything
    to wake it up (say, like pressing shift).

    I have already grabbed Linus's git tree and I am willing to do some
    cycles of "git bisect" to discover the point where it stopped working.

    I just thought that others may have seen such behaviour before or, if
    not, that being informative about what I see is of use for debugging

    I would also appreciate any guidance on this as I wish kernel 2.6.23
    to be working again on powerpc machines.

    Please, if any tests are required, don't hesitate to ask me and I will
    try to whatever is needed to restore the correct behaviour of sleep
    with the Linux kernel.

    I have copied mailing lists that I think that are relevant. If they
    aren't, then please let me know. I would also appreciate if I were
    kept on carbon copies as I am only subscribed to debian-powerpc at the

    Regards, Rogério Brito.

    P.S.: It unfortunately doesn't matter if I switch to a console or if I
    am in X when I press the power button with recent kernels.
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