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SubjectRe: ACPI on Averatec 2370
On Sun, 29 Jul 2007, Gabriel C wrote:

> Frank Hale wrote:
> [ added linux-acpi to CC ]
> > I have an Averatec 2370 laptop with the nVidia MCP51. With kernel
> > 2.6.20 I had no issues with ACPI however with 2.6.21 and higher the
> > kernel will hang on boot until I press the suspend button or the power
> > button in which case the kernel wakes up and finishes the boot
> > process. Including the following support only causes the issue:
> >
> > [*] ACPI Support
> >
> > What I mean by that is every ACPI option has been deactivated and only
> > ACPI support checked. The boot process with 2.6.21 and higher hangs at
> > the point where the Scheduler is being registered.
> >
> > io scheduler cfq registered (default)
> >
> > If I allow it to sit there it never comes back to life and finishes
> > booting. If I press the power or suspend button it will finish booting
> > as expected.
> >
> > I've scoured google for quite a while but cannot find any relevant
> > information pertaining to this issue. For now I've disabled ACPI
> > altogether.

Hi Frank et al.

Same laptop (well 2371 actually - same hardware though), same issue. In my
testing I've determined that SMP is influential on it hanging up. Building
my same config with SMP disabled causes the hang to go away. Same with the
Slackware 12 default kernels, is OK, hangs.

Frank, can you try a non-SMP build with ACPI and see if you still have the

I've tried so many different option combos I don't remember if I've done
one with SMP and w/o ACPI but I'll try that sometime today. Haven't tried
ACPI debugging yet either so we'll see if that shows anything. Maybe we
can narrow it down to something with ACPI and SMP.

Cal Peake

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