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Subject[BUG] libata IT821X driver still fails! Hard-freezes system.
This is the screen image I took with my digital camera when bootup

After this freeze, not even SysRq commands work.
On a side-note, the non-libata drivers boot up, but throw tons of DMA
errors after one DVD burn.

The kernel I tested this on (newest I would try) is 2.6.22-rc4 with and
without cfs16. I am willing to test out patches if I can get this darn
controller working.

My config:

At the time of this freeze, the kernel was not tainted. I am running a
Pentium-D 830 3.0GHz Dualcore on a ASUS P5LD2 with latest bios rev.

My lspci -vvv info:

I also find it pecular that it says there is a 40wire cable; I have
tried 3 different 80wire cables and it doesn't make a difference. So,
yes indeed I am using proper cables, and have tried others.

Just to make sure, this a brand new 20A1P burner, the old one did the
same thing though.

If I build pata_821x(or whatnot) as a module, system freezes after about
5 seconds after insmod, without dumping any information at all.

It may say it's a RAID controller, but on this motherboard it seems to
be pure passthru because there is no RAID option for this controller in
the BIOS. I have also tried a few flags recommended by Alan before,
which do not help.

Help would be very much appreciated! Further info, if needed, just ask.


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