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SubjectRe: Long file names in VFAT broken with iocharset=utf8
OGAWA Hirofumi wrote:
>> PATH_MAX specifically counts _bytes_ not characters, so UTF-8 does
>> not matter. ISTR that PATH_MAX was 256 at some point, but I just
>> quickly grepped /usr/include and found various mention of 4096, so
>> where's the central repository for this configuration item? A hard-
>> coded value of 256 somewhere inside the kernel smells like a bug.
> There is a nasty issue here. FAT is limited by 255 unicode chars or so.
> So, we would need to count number of unicode chars of filename.
> That's not implemented currently.

Note also there is PATH_MAX and NAME_MAX; the latter is 255 I believe.

POSIX allows NAME_MAX to vary on a filesystem by filesystem basis,
although that is not currently implemented in Linux.

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