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SubjectRe: Long file names in VFAT broken with iocharset=utf8
Roland Kuhn wrote:
> No, we don't. At least not when looking at the POSIX spec, which
> explicitly mentions _bytes_ and _not_ unicode characters. So, to be on
> the safe side, FAT filesystems would need to support a NAME_MAX of
> roughly 6*255+3=1533 bytes (not to mention the hassles of forbidden
> sequences, etc.; do we need to count zero-width characters?) and report
> it through pathconf() to userspace, then userspace could do with that
> whatever it liked.
> What happened to: "file names are just sequences of octets, excluding
> '/' and NUL"? Adding unicode parsing to the kernel is completely useless
> _and_ a big trouble maker.

"Filenames are just octets" have never applied to alien filesystems like


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