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SubjectVia C3: other flags possible ?

Claas asked for the NX flag for the Via C3 (?) processors
in another thread.

I do not know another synonym for this?

Claas Langbehn wrote:
> Hello Christian,
> do you know if and how it's possible to enable NX_bit too?
> Claas

The via C3 documentation is at:

I have seen in that the processor might support
3DNow. But you have to check the registers about this.

Inside linux-2.6.22-rc1/arch/i386/kernel/cpu/centaur.c I just
see a "fixed type" detection.

Does anybody have more information on this ?
Otherwise I would play around a little with my C3 Nehemiah
and try to change the detection according the Via documentation.

Best regards,


PS @Andi, did you look for the page above for data sheets?
Please see the download section.
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