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SubjectRe: filesystem benchmarking fun

On May 16 2007 10:42, Chris Mason wrote:
>For example, I'll pick on xfs for a minute. compilebench shows the
>default FS you get from mkfs.xfs is pretty slow for untarring a bunch of
>kernel trees.

I suppose you used 'nobarrier'? [ ]

>Dave Chinner gave me some mount options that make it
>dramatically better,

and `mkfs.xfs -l version=2` is also said to make it better

>but it still writes at 10MB/s on a sata drive that
>can do 80MB/s. Ext3 is better, but still only 20MB/s.
>Both are presumably picking a reasonable file and directory layout.
>Still, our writeback algorithms are clearly not optimized for this kind
>of workload. Should we fix it?

Also try with tmpfs.

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