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SubjectRe: Alt+SysRq+K broken
Alexey Dobriyan <> writes:

> kernel BUG at kernel/workqueue.c:212! 100% reproducable
> queue_work
> __handle_sysrq
> kbd_event
> add_timer_randomness
> kbd_event
> input_event
> atkbd_interrupt
> serio_interrupt
> i8042_interrupt
> ...
> reverting the following patch make it work again.


I wrote the patch just before the big set of work queue changes,
and had to fix it to work with the new style of work queues when
it went it Andrews tree. It looks like the work queue api
continued to change and my patch bit rotted.

I will take a look and see what it takes to updated the code to
the current API.

I'm pretty certain a s/PREPARE_WORK/INIT_WORK/g would make it
work but I'm not certain that is correct.

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